This is a note written by Light Yagami for the purpose of discovering the identity of the man who has been following him under suspicion of Light being Kira.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Don't worry, Yuri. It'll be okay. I'm going to look for a chance to grab the guy's arm and pin him down so he can't use the gun. My dad's a detective and he's taught me what to do in emergencies like this. The guy's pretty small and weak-looking. I'm sure I can restrain him.

Plot[edit | edit source]

While being held hostage on a bus headed for Spaceland by Kiichiro Osoreda, Light Yagami writes this note and shows it to his date, Yuri, with the intention of the man sitting behind him noticing it. As planned, the man behind Light urges him not to attack the hijacker. Light points out that the man has an accent that is clearly not Japanese, and the man admits that he is from America. Light argues that he cannot trust him, as he may be the hijacker's accomplice. In order to convince Light that he is not working with Osoreda, the man shows Light his ID, an FBI badge reading "Raye Penber." Just as he had planned, Light now has the man's name and can kill him with the Death Note.

Light agrees not to attack the hijacker and appears to drop the piece of paper. Penber is worried when Osoreda notices and picks it up, but this is, in fact, another note for a different plan altogether.

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