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These are a brief list of plans Light Yagami has for his date with Yuri, used to further his goal of obtaining Raye Penber's name.


Mirami Park
Bus stop, 11:27
Spaceland bus stop


When on a bus being hijacked by criminal Kiichiro Osoreda (who is being controlled by the Death Note), Light Yagami drops the note on the floor of the bus, catching the attention of Osoreda. Osoreda picks up the note (which has been written on a scrap page from Light's Death Note), accusing Light of plotting something. When Osoreda reads the contents of the note, he simply laughs, unimpressed, and tosses it.

Since he has now touched paper from the Death Note, Osoreda can now see Ryuk, the "phantom" Light refers to in the Death Note.

As specified in the Death Note, a frightened Osoreda fires six shots at Ryuk (which, of course, doesn’t harm the Shinigami), emptying his gun. When his gun is empty, Osoreda flees the bus in a panic, and he is hit by a car immediately after exiting the bus.