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Light wanted to live like a god. He didn't die like one.

— L Lawliet

L is a main character in the Death Note film series. He begins investigating the heart attack killings of the vigilante known as Kira. He narrows his suspects down to Light Yagami and spies on him to prove he is Kira. He then targets his suspicion on Misa Amane as the Second Kira.

In L: Change the WorLd, L has 23 days to live and he must stop Blue Ship from releasing a deadly virus onto the world. He befriends Maki Nikaido and Near along the way.


L dresses in a large white shirt and baggy jeans. His hair is dark black and its length semi long. Due to his insomnia, L has giant bags under his eyes and pale skin. He never wears shoes, only when he is in public and when first meeting Light after Shiori and Misora's deaths.


L never showed his face when meeting with the taskforce initially, only communicating through Watari and his computer. He only shows his face when the taskforce members don't fully trust him, resulting in them invited to L's hotel room. Some of his behaviors can be associated with ASD, but it is unconfirmed. L prefers to sit in a crouched position with his legs up to his torso. He likes to debate with Light about him being Kira, and even suggests that Light killed Misora and Shiori for sympathy, only to be yelled at by Matsuda.


Not much is known about L's background, only that he partnered with Naomi Misora for the BB Murder case.

During a case in America, L told Watari about the Kira case and stated that he might not live through it.


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Character changes[]

L is pretty much the same person he is in the manga/anime until the ending of the second film and L: Change the WorLd. L writes his own name in the Death Note so Rem can't kill him and this allows him to catch Light. However, this only gives him 23 days to live. Light dies before L in this timeline.

Behind the scenes[]

L is played by Kenichi Matsuyama. Matsuyama was 20 years old at the time of the filming of Death Note (2006). He is voice acted by Alessandro Juliani in the English dub.


  • Matsuyama initially had difficulty acting as L and was worried about his performance.
  • Matsuyama and Fujiwara became so immersed in their roles that they didn't talk until after production ended.


Misa Amane… I hope you enjoy the remaining few years of your life.

— L Lawliet