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Such a willful young man...

— Watari, multiple episodes

L (エル, Eru) is a main character in the 2015 television drama Death Note. After criminals begin to mysteriously die of heart attacks, L begins to investigate and narrows his suspects to Light Yagami.


L is a young man of Japanese descent with black hair and black eyes. He generally wears white clothes and white shoes.


L is a skilled detective. When driven, he will lie and use unethical means to solve his cases, such as sacrificing Lind L. Tailor to narrow down Kira's location, and illegally detaining suspect Misa Amane in torturous conditions.

Known globally for his skill, L is extremely confident in his verdicts and tends to look down on others, especially his coworkers on the Japanese Task Force. He enjoys seeing others humiliated, whether by predicting their behavior, creating logical loops in conversations, or by watching buffoonish characters on TV.

L constantly drinks energy juice packs. He dresses immaculately in white clothes, and will change if even a drop of his drink gets on his sleeve.


L was an orphan adopted by Watari, who encouraged his detective work. L gained the reputation of being the greatest detective in the world. At some point, he took on the aliases of detectives Marie Deneuve and Eraldo Coil.


Character changes[]

  • L does not go by the alias Ryuzaki in this adaptation.
  • Instead of dressing casually in a loose white shirt and jeans, he's always immaculately dressed in fitted white clothes. He commonly wears shoes, unlike his manga version who was adverse to wearing them.
  • Instead of sitting hunched over with his feet and knees up, he sprawls in his chairs or sits with his legs crossed. Instead of frequently eating sweets, he constantly drinks energy juice packs.
  • Compared to the manga, L is more socially confident and more overtly arrogant. He frequently uses conversations to manipulate targets and belittle coworkers, particularly Light and Matsuda.


  • L's underground headquarters contains a Teepee tent. L is only seen using it once, and lies down with his lower body inside the tent and his upper body sprawled out on the floor.


You’re the type that always ends up on the losing end of things, aren’t you? Unfortunately, the way things are right now, the more trustworthy someone is, the more they’ll lose.

— L to Soichiro, Episode 1

If Amane mentions Kira’s identity, it could clear the last 1% of my suspicions about you. Or it could bring them up to 100%. That is… if you are Kira. Just speaking hypothetically. What’s wrong, Light? You’re looking pale.

— L to Light, Episode 5

Light (on the verge of laughing, panting and weak): Do you enjoy pushing me around?
L (starting to grin): Do you find it humiliating?

— L to Light, Episode 6

I believe you are… an extremely wonderful policeman. And to me, you are like a father, as well.

— L's video message for Soichiro, Episode 10





  1. In the 2015 television drama, L dies a few days after August 24, 2015. That date is marked in episode 8, about 20 minutes and 55 seconds into the episode; L dies around two days later.