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Kira, our savior

— Kira Worshiper (Chapter 108: Finis (chapter)

Kira worshipers (Kira sūhai-sha, キラ崇拝者) refers to a cult of pro-Kira devotees. Notably, they gathered in 2011 to make an offering to their God Kira.


The term "Kira worshiper" refers to individuals or groups that are devout followers of Kira and his cause. The term becomes more widely used following the time-skip, especially during the time Kira's public approval increases and his presence becomes more widely accepted in society. Teru Mikami and Kiyomi Takada are two notable Kira worshipers who eventually go on to become accomplices of Kira.

One year after the Kira killings stopped due to Near's defeat of Light Yagami, and Light's death at the hands of the Shinigami Ryuk, a cult led a candle-lit ceremony during the middle of the night on a cliff. A female follower put down her candle at the edge of the cliff, and pronounced Kira as their savior.

In 2013, the cult and the rest of the world had noticed Kira's disappearance. They continued to lead candle-lit ceremonies during the night praying for Kira to rise once again. When Kira seemingly returned the cult was not the first to notice, not realizing this could be related to Kira until people online noticed it.

In other media[]


Kira worshipers appear throughout the anime, such as audience members of the Kira's Kingdom program, or as fans/supporters of Kira's spokesperson, but the large group of worshipers that appears in the last scene of the manga is absent from the show. However, the last manga scene is alluded to in the finale of the anime, when a waning crescent moon is shown.

Netflix film[]

In the 2017 Netflix film, Light Turner and Mia Sutton encounter a similar cult-like group who lead a candle-lit ceremony, worshipping Kira just as the manga equivalent does.



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