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"Kira" is a song in Death Note: The Musical.


Upon meeting Light Yagami, Ryuk sings about how the shinigami realm is boring, but Kira is entertaining.

Japanese version[]

The Japanese version is titled "Kira" (キラ).

Japanese lyrics

死神たちは毎日 博打か昼寝さ
刺激も変化もなくて 死ぬほど退屈
たまに舞い降りて 人間を見るのさ
ロクな奴はいねえな 期待はずれ

ところが キラ キラ なんて奴だ
まるで救世主 キラ
その正体は ただのガキだ

死神たちは怠惰で 野心も夢もねえ
存在の意味もしらねえ とにかくつまんねえ!
だから見ものだぜ 人間達が
お前の裁きに 右往左往

皆で キラ キラ 大騒ぎだ
神か悪魔か キラ
その正体は お前なのにな

教えてやるぜ 変わったのは名前だけだ
そうだろ? キラ キラ 救世主は
お前じゃない!キラ キラ
人間達が 作り上げた……

サンキュー ベイベー

English version[]

The original English title of the song is "Kira".[1][2]

English lyrics

Where I come from is a world of bone and dust
No need to change, or readjust
Where the plight of human beings is ignored
And all I am, is always bored

So from time to time I visit
Seeking fun and self defense
It's no big deal, really, is it?
And of no consequence

Except for Kira, Kira
Your brand new name
The masses cheering, Kira
Don't know it's Light Yagami, playing his dangerous game

Shinigami sit and gamble all day long
It isn't right, it isn't wrong
For there really isn't very much to do
So now and then, we spy on you

Humans are such funny creatures
Always thinking you're so smart
So we look down from our bleachers
While you tear things apart

Except for Kira, Kira
Your brand new name
The masses cheering, Kira
Don’t know he's Light Yagami, playing his dangerous game

The more things change they say
That the more they stay the same
You think you're making changes
But the only thing you can change is your name

Because it's Kira, Kira
Whose justice is rigged
Because it's Kira, Kira
Who makes a list of people
Whose names he'll write down and—
Oh look, now there's an apple
Mind if I just take a bite?

Russian version[]

The Russian title of the song is "Kira" (Кира).[3]



  • Before the song title was confirmed, it was commonly referred to by fans as "The Name is Kira" instead.