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Kindred Spirits (同心, Dōshin) is the first chapter of volume eleven and the eighty-ninth chapter of the Death Note manga series.


Near decides to continue his investigation in Japan since that is where Kiyomi Takada is, along with the possibility of Kira being there as well.

Meanwhile, Light tells the team that he is determined to continue his relationship with Takada to find out how she's receiving messages from Kira. Now, Light can't have any cameras in the hotel room after being "threatened" by Kira. Aizawa worries that he might be able to sneak secret notes to her to give to the new Kira.

Light suspects that Near may be trying to get close to Takada. This is confirmed when he receives a call from Near, telling him that he is Japan in order to investigate Takada and that he already has an SPK member trying to get close. Light responds by telling Near that he has already begun investigating Takada and that he has gotten very close to her.

He instructs Light to tell Takada to announce on the news that a group of four SPK members, including Near, have left New York and are heading towards Japan in order to catch Kira. He even tells Light their names. This will serve as bait for Kira. However, he warns Light not to release their photographs because Kira would definitely kill him—"a potential avenger."

Light senses that, through this tactic, Near is trying to lure him out. Light silently accepts the challenge. Near knows that Light has figured it all out. The gloves are off!

Near suggests that they should meet and Light agrees.


Tsugumi Ohba said that the chapter title "Kindred Spirits" represents how Light and Near desire to fight to see who is the best in order to settle the conflict once and for all.

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