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This bus has just been hijacked, ladies and gentlemen!!

— Kiichiro Osoreda ("Target")

Kiichiro Osoreda (恐田奇一郎, Osoreda Kiichirō) is a drug addict and criminal used by Light Yagami to trick Raye Penber into revealing his FBI badge and information to Light so that he can kill him.


Osoreda and Ryuk

Osoreda shooting Ryuk

Osoreda had failed in an attempt to rob a bank, shooting a teller and two customers as he made his escape. Light writes Osoreda's name in the Death Note, dictating his actions.

Osoreda boards a bus heading to Spaceland and holds a gun to the driver Sasaki's head, demanding that he be put on the phone with the people at Spaceland so that he can demand ransom in return for the safe release of the hostages.

Noticing Light, who attempts to pick up a piece of paper he dropped, Osoreda reads the note, which has date plans written on it. He scoffs the note, unaware that he has just touched a piece of paper from the Death Note. Due to this, Osoreda is now able to see Ryuk. Horrified, Osoreda fires all his rounds at Ryuk, but the bullet wounds heal themselves almost instantly.

Osoreda forces the driver to stop the bus and then runs into the street, where an automobile hits Osoreda's head, killing him; the authorities mistakenly believe that Osoreda's vision of Ryuk was a drug-induced hallucination.

In the film[]


Osoreda, as he appears in the film

Osoreda appears in the first film, with a few changes:

  1. He picks up the paper that had Light's plan to stop him on it instead of the date plan
  2. Raye Penber sees him from the newspaper instead of remembering him from the news.
  3. He is hit against his side by the car while standing, instead being hit by his head while crouching.



Osoreda's death

  • In the film, when he jumps out of the bus, the car hits him the second he leaves, while in the anime and manga it takes a few seconds. The car goes out of its way to hit him.