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Kenny Doyle is a character in Netflix's 2017 Death Note film. He is a high school bully and Light Turner's first victim.


Doyle was a high-school student who was held back a year. He and his friend are known bullies at school.


Doyle and his buddy are roughing up a student when Light Turner and Mia Sutton come across him. Mia gets involved to get him to stop, and Light gets involved as well. Doyle punches Light, knocking him unconscious.

When Ryuk first appears to Light, Kenny and his buddy are roughing up another student outside the classroom. Ryuk convinces Light to take action by writing down Doyle's name and his manner of death. Light specifies "decapitation," and a series of events lead to a truck swerving in the road, causing a ladder to slide off the truck and striking Doyle's head with enough force to sever it from his body.

Light's father , James Turner later asks his son about what he witnessed, but Light doesn't want to talk about it with him. He does say that he doesn't think that Doyle was anyone's friend, referencing Doyle's bullying behavior.

The next day at school, Mia brings up Doyle's death to Light, satirically asking if he was mourning their "dear friend." She also adds that just because he died does not make it a tragedy. This leads to them really talking for the first time and to Light showing her the Death Note.


  • In both the anime and manga, Light rules out killing a bully at his school after he acquires the Death Note, determining that it would be to risky/foolish to kill someone you know personally.
  • Although Kenny is Light's first victim, L thinks his first victim is James Brode (Light's third victim), and James Turner thinks it is Antony Skomal (Light's second victim).