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Karin Kanatomo (金友果林, Kanatomo Karin) is a minor character exclusive to the Death Note film series, appearing only in the second episode of Death Note: New Generation. She is Sakura Aoi's first known victim.


Karin is a young Japanese woman with brown eyes, short chin-length brown hair, with bangs.

For her internet videos, she wears a smiling animal mask that covers the bottom half of her face. When she is performing her final livestream video, she wears a blue dress with a visible white petticoat, a matching blue hat, and white knee-length stockings.


Karin seems to have an upbeat personality, and she performs livestream pop dances with a mask on. Prior to her death, she got into an argument with Sakura Aoi about whether the band Hakka Bees or the band Metal Dolls is better.

Karin is a big fan of the band Hakka Bees; she has a number of ticket stubs, and her laptop is covered in Hakka Bees stickers. She has also attended concerts for the band Metal Dolls, which is a girl group. Her apartment walls are covered in posters of young women, presumably idols or other performers.


In November 2016, in the second episode of Death Note: New Generation, Sakura Aoi uses her Death Note to control and kill Karin while Karin is doing a video livestream. Karin is dancing along to the song "Wake Up" by Hakka Bees when she suddenly stops dancing. On camera, Karin's final words are an anagram for, "Kira, I have it too." She then walks out of view of the camera and stabs herself in the chest with a knife, dying on her apartment floor.

J and Yuki Shien both separately take note of the video. With the help of J, Ryuzaki breaks into Karin's apartment to investigate further.

While investigating in Karin's apartment, Ryuzaki reads through an internet message between Sakura (under the screenname Kimagure Zetsubou (キマグレゼツボ, lit. "Whimsical Despair")) and Karin (under the screenname Kokuto). Sakura and Karin got into an argument in which Sakura insisted Metal Dolls was a better band, but Karin insisted Hakka Bees was better. Sakura baited Karin into revealing her face, which Karin apparently did. Sakura's final message to Karin is "die." Ryuzaki then chats with Sakura through Karin's computer.

This incident leads Ryuzaki to finally begin working with the Japanese Task Force to track down the new Kira(s). It also leads Shien to track down Sakura, which eventually leads to Sakura's death.