Kanichi Takimura (多貴村=管一, Takimura Kanichi) is the head of the Japanese National Police Agency.


Takimura is an older, balding man with a short crop of gray hair. He was seen wearing a white shirt with a black tie.


Takimura is kidnapped by the Mafia led by Mello in order to serve as a hostage in exchange for the Death Note the Japanese Task Force had in its possession. Takimura is later found dead, strangled by his own tie. Due to this unexpected turn of events, Mello organizes the kidnapping of Sayu Yagami, the daughter of Takimura's deputy Soichiro Yagami, and holds her hostage in exchange for the Death Note.


  • Death Note 13: How to Read confirms that Takimura is killed by Kira (Light Yagami), though in the manga Light himself does not openly confirm this in his thoughts or in conversation. Near and Mello themselves speculate that it could have been either Kira's doing or actual suicide.