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Mishima, Ryuzaki, and an unknown man are Kira. These terrorists have weapons of mass destruction. We're in a state of emergency. Shoot to kill. Secure the Death Notes. Kill them all. They know my name and face.

— Sugawara

Junrou Sugawara (須加原順郎, Sugawara Junrou, reading unverified) is a supporting character exclusive to the Death Note film series. He is a leading member of the new Task Force ten years after the original Kira case.


Sugawara is a Japanese man with short brown hair and brown eyes. He appears to be in his late fifties or early sixties.[1] He wears a suit to work.


Sugawara oversees the Task Force, but very little is known about him personally. Unlike the other members of the Task Force besides Touta Matsuda, he uses his real name.


In the film Death Note: Light Up the NEW World and its novelization, Sugawara is a leading member of the Task Force. He works from headquarters rather than in the field, and he attends the Task Force briefings.

When the Task Force servers are compromised, Sugawara becomes frightened that his identity might have been accessed by Kira. When Matsuda is killed, Sugawara uses that as an excuse to disband the Task Force. He claims it is because the Task Force has been incompetent, but it is really out of fear for his own life. He has all the Task Force computers scrutinized, which leads to the discovery of hidden content on Mishima's computer including the Kira virus video and the existence of Light Yagami's son, and he has Mishima brought in for questioning. Since he beieves Mishima is lying, Sugawara has him locked up.

When Ryuzaki executes his plan to confront Kira, Sugawara has a special team attack their location. He has Ryuzaki, Mishima, and Yuki Shien all targeted as Kira, determined to kill them all out of fear in an attempt to protect himself. His team kills Shien. Mishima and Ryuzaki are able to escape, but the kill order is later called off and they are both taken alive.


  • Sugawara's given name (順郎, possibly Junrou) is only seen in the credits and is never spoken. The pronunciation might be Junrou, but could also be Nobuo.


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