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Jumputi Heroes (ジャンプチ ヒーローズ, jumpuchi hiiroozu, lit. "Jump Petit Heroes") is a Japanese mobile game featuring characters from Weekly Shonen Jump. Beginning in May 2018, it included characters from Death Note.

About Jumputi Heroes[]

Shueisha announced the development of the game in February 2018.[1] Jumputi Heroes was released March 28, 2018 as part of Jump's 50th-anniversary celebration.[2][3] It is available on both Android and iOS devices.

The game is described as:[4]

Jumputi Heroes is a puzzle RPG built on Jump's main belief and principle - friendship, diligence, victory.

Game premise:[1]

The game takes place on "Jumputi Island" where Shonen Jump characters live in peace until the demon king awakens and makes all the characters small (super-deformed). The player must solve puzzles to grant the characters abilities in battle.

Death Note characters[]

On May 29, 2018, the game announced that it would be featuring Death Note characters.[5][6] On May 30, Light Yagami and Misa Amane became available in the game through standard gacha.[7][8][9] L became available in June.[10] Other characters later became available through gacha and special events.

List of Death Note characters in the game:

In-game name Translated Released Rarity Attribute Type Max HP Max Attack Max Recovery
夜神月 Light Yagami 2018-05-30 5 Blue Special 8,820 2,003 2,153
弥海砂 Misa Amane 2018-05-30 4 Blue Special 4,678 1,062 1,142
L L 2018-06-04 5 Red Special 8,034 1,957 1,884
リューク Ryuk 2019-04-04 5 Red Special 8,034 1,957 1,884
メロ Mello 2020-04-08 5 Yellow Special 8,009 1,989 1,810
ニア Near 2020-04-08 5 Yellow Balance 10,104 2,476 2,508
世界の法であり秩序 夜神月 Law and order of the world Light Yagami 2020-04-08 5 Blue Attack 9,775 2,332 1,641

Death Note events[]

The game held several Death Note related events.

Special challenge events to obtain characters:

In-game title Translated Obtainable character Began
世界一の探偵 The best detective in the world L 2018-06-
死神はりんごしかたべない Shinigami can only eat apples Ryuk 2019-04-12
Masterpiece of Wammy's House Mello 2020-04-08
新世界の神 God of the New World Law and order of the world Light Yagami 2020-04-08

First anniversary[]

In March and April 2019, Jumputi Heroes celebrated its first anniversary. As part of the celebration, Ryuk became available in a special "Shinigami can only eat apples" challenge event that began on April 12, 2019.

Ryuk's availability was announced on Twitter on April 4, 2019:[11]

Original Translated

各ステージの初回クリア報酬で「★5 リューク」GET!

  1. ジャンプチ #ジャンプチ1周年

[A new challenge event has arrived! ]
"Shinigami can only eat apples" is being held until 14:59 on April 12th!
With the first clear reward for each stage, get "★ 5 Ryuk"!
Break through numerous challenges and win!
※ If it is not in the event list, please try restarting the app.
#Jumputi #Jumputi1stAnniversary

Ryuk was again made available later that year, when the "Shinigami can only eat apples" challenge event reopened on December 27, 2019.[12]

Second anniversary[]

In March and April 2020, Jumputi Heroes celebrated its two-year anniversary.[13] The anniversary celebration had two parts.

On April 8, 2020, Jumputi Heroes released part 2 of its anniversary celebration, which focused on the series' Hunter x Hunter and Death Note. This included the "God of the New World" challenge event, where players could obtain "Law and order of the world Light Yagami" by defeating him in battle. Near became available through gacha,[14] and Mello and "cuttings of the notebook" became available in the "Masterpiece of Wammy's House" challenge event. The "cuttings from the note book" acquired from Mello's challenge were needed for the "God of the New World" challenge.

Part 2 premise announced on Twitter:[15]

Original Translated

「ノートの切れ端」を集めて「世界の法であり秩序 夜神月」に挑め!


[📖 2nd anniversary celebration, what is the leading role in the second half? ! 🍎]
Kira came to judge the evil of Jumputi Island ?!
Collect "cuttings of the notebook" and challenge "Law and order of the world Light Yagami"!
Hunt down Kira to regain the peace of Jumputi Island!

※ Check the in-game announcement for details!

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