Jumputi Heroes (ジャンプチ ヒーローズ, jumpuchi hiiroozu, lit. "Jump Petit Heroes") is a Japanese mobile game featuring characters from Weekly Shonen Jump. Beginning in May 2018, it included characters from Death Note.

About Jumputi HeroesEdit

Shueisha announced the development of the game in February 2018.[1] Jumputi Heroes was released March 28th, 2018 as part of Jump's 50th-anniversary celebration.[2][3] It is available on both Android and iOS devices.

The game is described as:[4]

Jumputi Heroes is a puzzle RPG built on Jump's main belief and principle - friendship, diligence, victory.

Game premise:[1]

The game takes place on "Jumputi Island" where Shonen Jump characters live in peace until the demon king awakens and makes all the characters small (super-deformed). The player must solve puzzles to grant the characters abilities in battle.

Death Note in the gameEdit

On May 29th, the game announced that it would be featuring Death Note characters.[5][6] On May 30th, Light Yagami and Misa Amane became available in the game through gacha.[7][8][9] L will be available in June.[10]

List of Death Note characters in game:

Name Rarity Attribute Max HP Max Attack Max Recovery
Light Yagami 5 Blue 8820 2003 2153
Misa Amane 4 Blue
L 5 Red

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  • LINE, which had Death Note collaboration events with several of its mobile games
  • Othellonia, a mobile game that had a Death Note collaboration event

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