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Japan is the seventh chapter of volume ten and eighty-sixth chapter of the Death Note manga series.


Mikami had met Takada before and discussed Kira with her. She secretly admires Kira, so the choice is perfect.

Light is surprised with the coincidence that Mikami would choose someone that has a connection to him as Kira's spokesperson. However, Light sees this as an advantage because he can now use Takada to give instructions to Mikami. Mogi remembers that Takada was Light's ex-girlfriend and decides to step outside with Aizawa.

After watching Misa extensively, Mello has concluded that, even though Misa might have been the second Kira once, that is no longer the case. From the conversation she had with Mogi, Mello heard the name Light Yagami a lot. He knows that Soichiro had a son named Light and that Mogi, and Aizawa are being cautious around a man named Light. He concludes that the present L is Light Yagami.

As Matt watches from afar, Mogi tells Aizawa that he remembers that when he was tailing Light under L's orders, he saw Takada with Light. He believes that she is his ex-girlfriend.

Light tells the team that he feels that they should now move the investigation to Japan because he believes Kira is there and that they can get to Kira through Takada. Light thinks she's a Kira worshiper who will be flattered if Light asks her about her connection to Kira.

Meanwhile, Near figures that Light is now unable to get close to the current owner of the Death Note because the other members of the investigation team are keeping an eye on. Near commands Rester to find as much as he can on Takada in order to get close to her.

From the airport, Light calls Takada.


Tsugumi Ohba said that the chapter title "Japan" was given because of the remaining characters who are outside of Japan make way to travel to Japan to battle each other there. Ohba said he felt at the time, "it seems like I stopped messing around with the title choices at this point and just went with the obvious."

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