James Brode is a minor character in Netflix's 2017 Death Note film. He is Light Turner's third victim.


When Light Turner shows Mia Sutton the Death Note, he pulls up a live stream of an open crime scene on a laptop. James Brode has taken hostages and there's a SWAT team outside. Light writes down that Brode steps out, performs a military salute, and is struck by a SWAT car and dies. When his death unfolds, Light shows Mia what he wrote, which is when she believes that the Death Note works.

Brode's odd behavior is initially attributed to drug use, but tests later show that he was not intoxicated. L believes that Brode is Kira's first victim, which he later tells James Turner. Since the hostage situation was only reported locally, this helps L narrow Kira's location to Seattle.


  • In the video Death Note: The VR Experience, Niel Wray dies in the same way that James Brode dies in the film.
  • Although L thinks Brode is Light's first victim, the first person he actually kills is Kenny Doyle.
  • Brode's role in the Netflix film is similar to that of Kurou Otoharada in other adaptations: he is killed while holding hostages during a live broadcast, his death proves the power of the Death Note, and L uses his location to help identify Kira.

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