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Intent to Kill (殺意 Satsui) is the eighth chapter of volume twelve and the one-hundred-sixth chapter of the Death Note manga series.


Light asks Near if he thinks that the notebook Aizawa has is real. He brings up the possibility that he himself could have switched out that notebook with a fake one and buried the real one somewhere else, and suggests that Near would test out the Death Note by writing both Light Yagami's and Teru Mikami's names. However, Near answers by saying that he had no intention of killing Kira, only catching him. He will also not announce that Kira was caught, and instead, Light will be confined in a place where he will be completely isolated.

As Light tries to convince everyone that Aizawa's notebook is a fake, he suddenly opens his watch and attempts to write Near's name in the piece of Death Note hidden there. Near notices, and Rester screams at the act in place. Matsuda shoots Light in the hand in which light has the writing utensil, stopping him from writing down a name. Light is surprised that Matsuda, who was always so loyal to him, would dare shoot him, and tells him to shoot Near and the others. Matsuda answers that Light drove Soichiro Yagami, Light's father, to his death, and he cannot forgive him.

Suddenly, Light picks up the piece of Death Note and starts to write Near's name with his blood, but Matsuda shoots him in the body and successfully stops him before he finishes writing the name. He then once again points the gun to him and says that he will definitely kill him, but the others stop him from doing so.

The injured Light looks at Mikami and orders him to write everyone's names in the Death Note, but Mikami screams that Light is no god, he is the lowest of scum. When he is approached by the other members of the investigation team, Light writhes in desperation and calls out for Misa, and Near calmly answers that she is in a hotel; as he then calls out for Takada, Near responds that she is dead. Light continues to call for help, writhing frantically.


Tsugumi Ohba said that the chapter title "Intent to Kill" relates to Light trying to kill Near with a piece of the Death Note in his watch, Matsuda trying to kill Light before he almost kills Near, and Light pleading for someone to kill Near.


  • The events in this chapter are the final events taken from the manga storyline that were used in the anime. The next two chapters of the manga were ignored and an alternative ending was written for the anime where Light manages to flee the warehouse.
    • Mikami's fate and renunciation is also exclusive to this chapter of the manga, as in the anime, Mikami still remains loyal to Light and allows him to escape, never renouncing him.

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