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Inside L's Bewildering Belly is a section in Ryuk's Human Observation Journal. The caption reads, "Every time L appears in the story, there's always food next to him. This has caused many confused readers to ask: "Just how much does he eat?" I decided to look into the matter myself." Ryuk comments, "I wanna know what's inside this guy's belly!"

Ryuk lists every piece of food or beverage L is seen consuming throughout the series, as well as the way of eating and the date it was eaten.

"The insatiable L! I checked out just how much he does eat. "A drink in one hand and some sweets on the table." That's L's basic style. I really think he drinks too much coffee and tea." — Ryuk (Death Note 13: How to Read, p.204)


The entry includes a table of food and highlights of certain foods seen eaten in the series. The table uses dates from the manga, which is set 3 years behind the anime.

"This is really none of your concern. I mean it." — L

Date Food Way of Eating
12/31/2003 Coffee Put in dozens of sugar cubes and drained the cup
1/12/2004 Chocolate Peeled off the wrapper, melted it inside mouth
Coffee Waited a while after stirring in sugar, then drank it cold
4/07/2004 Coffee Didn't drink it, gave to assistant
4/18/2004 Cake Ate half of it, was distracted by the Second Kira's tape, and forgot about it
Black tea Drank at same time as eating cake, let it go cold before drinking
4/23/2004 Cake Ate until satisfied, ate the strawberry last
Black tea Drank it after eating the strawberry from the cake
5/12/2004 Chocolate Ate it quickly without letting it melt in mouth
Black tea Drank it while still hot
5/25/2004 Cake Left it during a meeting but didn't forget to eat it afterward
Coffee Drank it while eyeing the abandoned cake on the table
5/27/2004 Donut Ate it normally
Coffee Added three cubes of sugar and drained it
5/28/2004 Coffee Drank it while hot
Black Tea Tea went cold, so gave it to Watari
5/31/2004 Black Tea Drank it while eating a fruit sandwich
6/01/2004 Hors d'oeuvre Ignored it
Champagne Ignored it
Black tea Drank it normally
Ham on melon Avoided the slices of ham on top and ate only the melon
7/20/2004 Jelly Ate it right away when he entered the room
7/23/2004 Coffee Downed it while watching Light, Soichiro, and Misa
8/02/2004 Cake After eating his own piece, ate Misa's too
Black tea Downed it along with the cake he stole from Misa
10/02/2004 Cherry Tied the stem in a knot with his tongue then ate the whole thing
Black tea Drank every last drop after it went cold
10/08/2004 Cake Ate it normally
Tea Drank it with no incidents
10/09/2004 Ohagi* Ate it with the paper wrapping but spat paper out afterward
Black tea Downed it after his ohagi
10/15/2004 Anmitsu✝ Ate even the syrup
Black tea Drank it in one gulp while Light was on the phone with Namikawa
Coffee Put tons of sugar in it and drank it before sugar completely dissolved
10/24/2004 Coffee Drank it exceedingly normally
10/25/2004 Bean jelly Played around by stacking sugar cubes on it before eating
Coffee Tossed in five cubes of sugar and drank it
Sugar cubes Stuffed a bunch in his mouth and sucked on them
10/28/2004 Coffee Drank it without a hitch
Banana Peeled it and ate it normally
Coffee Put it in a water bottle and drank it outdoors
10/29/2004 Coffee After it went cold put a ton of milk in it and drank it
11/04/2004 Ice cream Ate it in minutes
Coffee Gulped it down after eating ice cream
Pudding a la mode Ate the cherry last
Coffee Had another cup after the first
11/05/2004 Chocolate snack Mashed it with his fingers and nibbled on the edges but was unable to finish it due to his death
Coffee Only had a couple sips but had to leave the rest due to death

"So shocking! Scenes of L Preying on his Food!"[]

L-kun's eating style is anything but typical! Looks like even Wammy-San, who can usually do anything, wasn't able to teach him table manners. It must be tough to raise someone.

"I collected the best!" — Ryuk

Ham on melon[]

Image: L picking up ham off his melon to discard.

Ryuk's Comment: "Eat the ham too! The ham!!"


Image: L takes out a twisted cherry stem from his mouth while talking to Soichiro.

Caption: "You know what they say about people who can knot cherry stems with their tongues... They're good kissers!" "Omigod! You're so dirty!!" is what this leads to. But the tongue action isn't the only thing that makes for a good kisser!"

Ryuk's Comment: "No! Not such a typical high school girl trick!"


Image: L spitting out the paper he ate along with his Ohagi while talking to the Task Force.

Caption: "Did he eat the wrapper because he didn't want to get his hands dirty? If he pulled something like this in front of a parent, he'd get a beating for sure.

Ryuk's Comment: "At least take off the wrapper!!"

Sugar cubes[]

Image: L is seen putting a sugar cube inside his mouth.

Caption: "Sure, he likes sweet things, but this is too much! If you're going to eat sugar cubes straight-up, why even buy candy? Why not just get some high-grade sugar?"

Ryuk's Comment: "What, you can't afford to buy real candy?!"


Image: L is eating a banana.

Caption: "He bites it with his teeth showing! Wait . . . . That's surprisingly normal. I think it was wrong for him to defy everyone's expectations."

Ryuk's Comment: "Ahh, we were hoping you'd eat the skin too!"


Lastly, there is a picture of L stacking sugar cubes on top of jelly. In which the caption states, "No Playing with your food! Warning! Bean jelly abuse!", "Food is for eating, not for playing. Maybe Wammy-San should've paid more attention to that? At least that's what I think." Ryuk leaves off commenting, "Well, as long as you don't get fat, maybe it's okay?"