Inducement (誘因, Yūin) is the third chapter of volume twelve and the one hundred-first chapter of the Death Note manga series.


Light comments to himself that Near is inferior to L and not fit to wear a mask of him. Matsuda wonders aloud as to why everyone else is here with their faces uncovered except for Near. Light is convinced that Near will take off his mask, though.

Near explains that the mask is just a precaution. He says that it's possible that X-Kira might have already written everyone's name in the notebook, and if he takes off the mask, there will be no one to oppose Kira. Light agrees and comments that he can't contain his laughter because Near is acting exactly as he predicted.

After thirty minutes, Near takes off the mask. However, he tells everyone to wait for the appearance of X-Kira. He asks Aizawa if he saw Light make contact with Takada after they had settled on the time and location of the meeting. The fact that Takada was killed by Kira meant that he had no further use for her, which means that X-Kira was already instructed to come to the meeting. Near says that he is sure that X-Kira will see Near's face and attempt to kill him and everyone in the room. It would be a victory for Kira. He instructs everyone to stand still and watch Kira's plan unfold. If they do that, Near guarantees that they will not die.

Suddenly, they see Teru Mikami spying on them through the door. With his Shinigami Eyes, he is able to see the real names and the lifespans of everyone in the room, except Light. Mikami writes down all of the names, except for Light's, in the Death Note.


Tsugumi Ohba said that the chapter title "Inducement," relates to the plans of both sides when they are trying to induce Mikami into appearing. However they are really more trying to induce one another to fall for each other's plan.

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