Ill Ratt (イル・ラット, Iru Ratto) was a member of the SPK who acted as a spy for Mello.


Ratt has short, brown hair and is seen wearing a black suit and tie.


After the founding of the SPK, Ratt walked outside their HQ and asked a citizen to borrow his phone so that he could inform Mello with information on the Death Note that he had found.

Ratt was briefly seen being ordered by Steve Mason to get John McEnroe to pick up Soichiro Yagami and his daughter Sayu, who was kidnapped by Mello and the Mafia as a trade for the Death Note. After Mello obtained the notebook, he used it to kill Ratt, along with the majority of the other SPK members, by making him commit suicide by shooting himself in the head. With this, Mello could ensure that Near won't be able to find the mafia through a spy.

In other mediaEdit

In the anime, he is not revealed to be a spy.

In Relight 2, Kiyomi Takada sends his photo to Teru Mikami through a computer and Mikami writes his real name in the notebook. Due to the details made by Mikami, Ratt aims at Near to shoot him. Halle Lidner alerts Near and Near jumps out of his chair, causing Ratt to shoot the computer, after which he is shot and killed by Linder.


In Death Note 13: How to Read, Takeshi Obata said that while designing the SPK members, he drew Ratt as being "suspicious looking" to further his character as a spy.


  • Ratt's lifespan is shown as 0235 21 in Death Note Relight 2: L's Successors.