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Identity V is an asymmetrical multiplayer RPG video game developed and published by NetEase Games. On April 25, 2021, a crossover event was announced between Identity V and the Death Note series. Pre-registration began the following day, and the event ran from April 27 to June 27.

Death Note Crossover Collectibles
Name Attribute Rarity Description
Light Yagami skin for Lawyer A Light Yagami's costume
L Skin for "Prisoner" A L's costume
Misa Amane Skin for Mechanic A Misa Amane's costume
Ryuk Skin for Evil Reptillian S Ryuk's costume
Camera Accessory for Misa/Mechanic S Misa's camera


  • The official Identity V Twitter tweeted this: "Due to local laws and regulations, players in Russia will not be able to experience this crossover. We are sorry for that." stating that Russia will not receive the crossover, despite the fact that the global servers include Russia.