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"Honor Bound," alternatively "With Honor," is a song in Death Note: The Musical.


Soichiro Yagami confronts L about his continued accusations that Light Yagami is Kira. L apologizes, but informs him that Kanzo Mogi was following Light—and Mogi is now dead, which greatly raises evidence against Light. From this, L suspects that Light and the second Kira have met up, which is how Light was able to kill his new shadow despite not knowing Mogi's name. Confronted with so much evidence, Soichiro struggles with the possibility that his son is actually Kira, and he sings this song.

English version[]

The song was originally written in English with the title "Honor Bound."[1] The English demo was recorded in December 2014 and released online in 2015 by HoriPro as part of the advertisement for the Musical's Tokyo production. Below are the lyrics for the original English version.

English lyrics[]

Any grounds for L's suspicion
surely lie with me.
I must catch this monster Kira
so the world will see
my son is exactly
who he seems to be:
Honor bound and bound by honesty.

Accusations, innuendo,
theories full of cracks,
timelines, and coincidences
can't replace hard facts.
But if what I'm seeing
bends as light refracts,
am I blinded to what my son lacks?

If I thought these lies were true,
would I have the strength to do
anything I needed to
for justice' sake?

Could I stand the pain and lies
if it's Kira that I find
behind Light's eyes?

Listen to me, am I crazy
thinking he could be
some insane unfeeling monster
somehow raised by me?
Must come to my senses
and my sanity.
Let me see the son I need to see:
Honor bound and bound by honesty.

Honor bound to serve his family.

Japanese version[]

The Japanese version of the song is titled "With Honor" (名誉にかけて, meiyo ni kakete).

Russian version[]

The Russian version of the song is titled "Family Honor" (Честь семьи).[2]