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Hirokazu Ukita (宇生田 広数, Ukita Hirokazu) is a member of the Japanese Task Force led by L.


Ukita is a short, young man who has a short crop of black hair and small, dark eyes. He is normally seen wearing a suit and tie.


Ukita proves to be a strong character with great determination and bravery, as he was one of the few people who remained a member of the Kira Investigation Team until his death. Ukita shows these traits, as well as a lack of patience and a tendency to act on emotion when he impulsively rushes to Sakura TV to stop the broadcast of the message of the second Kira. Obata has described him as being an emotional and easily understood individual.


Ukita serves the Task Force by answering any phone calls intended for them.

Shortly after the disappearance of Naomi Misora, Ukita manages to get Naomi's mother on the line, allowing her to talk to L.

When Misa Amane, the second Kira, has Sakura TV broadcast a message from her as Kira, Ukita recklessly rushes to the station to stop the broadcast without any prompting by the rest of the team. Since Misa possesses the Shinigami Eyes, she kills him as soon as he approaches the locked door and is about to shoot the glass. His death would play an intergral role in L's understanding of the second Kira's powers, realizing that she only needed a face to kill.

In other media[]

Film series[]


From left to right: Aizawa, Matsuda and Ukita as they appear in the films.

In the film, Ukita is portrayed by Ikuji Nakamura and appears notably older. Ukita does not die in the film; instead, Kanzo Mogi is killed in his place.


Ukita is a member of the Task Force in Death Note: The Musical. After the FBI agents are killed, the Task Force is given the option to resign and they sing Change the World Reprise about their choice. Ukita sings about his family, but he remains determined to pursue Kira and he stays with the Task Force.

Ukita does not die in the musical.


Obata said that Ukita is an "emotional" and "easy-to-understand" character who therefore was "easy to draw." When Obata designed him, he did not know that Ukita would die. Obata felt "really surprised" when he saw Ohba's thumbnails portraying Ukita dead.