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I can't say it on TV but we need a man like Kira to kill felons. The gap is growing between the rich and the poor. To stop the poor from committing crimes, we need a Kira.

— Haruna Kiyokawa

Haruna Kiyokawa (貴世河春奈, Kiyokawa Haruna) is a minor character in the Death Note film series appearing only briefly in Death Note: Light Up the NEW World. She is a Kira supporter who openly showed her support 10 years earlier during the original Kira killings.


Kiyokawa is a Japanese woman with long brown hair, brown eyes, and a slim build. She dresses very well in expensive clothes.


Kiyokawa was an outspoken Kira supporter on television ten years earlier in 2006. Due to her callous views regarding wealth and inequality, she was likely born into privilege.


Kiyokawa is out to dinner with her friends at a high-class restaurant. She expresses her gratitude that Kira has returned, saying that Kira is necessary to keep the poor from committing crimes as the wealth gap continues to grow.

Unseen at the time, Kenichi Mikuriya writes her name into his Death Note. He controls her into relaying a message to Neo Kira that he won't get all of the Death Notes. Kiyokawa then collapses, dead from a heart attack.

The Japanese Task Force later reviews her death and the message she left, concluding that there is an anti-Kira Death Note user.

Through the deaths of Kiyokawa and others, Yuki Shien is able to track down Mikuriya.

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