Halle Lidner (ハル・リド ナー, Haru Ridonā) is a member of the SPK. Like the other members of the SPK, she works under a false name since Kira needs to know a person's real name and face before he can kill them.


Halle Lidner is a tall, slender woman with a fair complexion and golden hair worn in a medium-length cut. Halle's bangs are choppy, going straight across her forehead, and they reach her eyelids. Her eyes are golden-brown.

Halle's appearance is a bit different in the video game, which shows her with slightly darker hair and blue eyes.


Halle Lidner is a former Secret Service and CIA agent who works for Near as part of the SPK, and is the only female member of the organization. She joined the SPK to avenge a close acquaintance who was killed by Kyosuke Higuchi at the time when he acted as Kira. She states that she is on neither Near's nor Mello's side in the competition to capture Kira. Although she ultimately works for Near, she still leaks information to Mello, sometimes at Near's request.

Halle cares for Mello, even trusting him to the point that she lets him hide in her flat. When she arrives at the scene of a fire, she is concerned when she realizes that Mello has died inside the burning vehicle.

Death Note 13: How to Read states that Halle is "an individual thinker" with "first-rate" skills as a bodyguard.


Linder confronts Mello

Mello and Lidner when Mello is hiding in her flat.

Sometime after Mello's base explodes, he gets in contact with Halle, who keeps him up to date regarding Near's theories on the Kira investigation.

Near, thinking Mello will come in contact with Halle (not knowing Mello has already done so), tells her to inform Mello of Near having Mello's photograph and Near's theory of Kira being the second L. With Near having placed bugs on Halle and with Halle having to install cameras throughout her house except her washroom, Halle passes on information to Mello in the bathroom.

Mello responds to Near having his photograph by threatening Halle to let him enter the SPK base. Here, when Mello is about to shoot Near in an outrage, Halle convinces him to not shoot.

When Near deduces Light Yagami is Kira after having received information from Aizawa, Near instructs Halle to inform Mello of everything regarding the investigation except for the fact that Light is Kira. This act results in Mello keeping an eye over Misa and Task Force HQ.

Halle was chosen over Stephen Gevanni to infiltrate the bodyguard unit that protects Kiyomi Takada, with the purpose to get more information about Kira through her.

In order to attain Takada's trust, Lidner acts out the role of a diligent handler while covertly trying to uncover the connection between Takada and Kira. Her position as a bodyguard of Takada, as well as her beauty, made of her a very popular figure in the media, right behind Takada.

When Mello smokes the area Takada was in, Halle hands over Takada to Mello, followed by her informing Near of this situation. Halle then instructs the bodyguards to follow Mello and Takada, but to no avail. When the SPK and Task Force are sent to investigate the scene where Takada was kidnapped, Halle sees the church Takada and Mello were in burning, having her realize Mello is dead.

During the Yellow Box confrontation, when Light Yagami was exposed as Kira by Near and Near mentioned how Mello's intervention helped in solving the case, Halle speculates that Mello had planned for the exposure of the real notebook when he kidnapped Takada.

In the one-shot chapter set three years after the conclusion of the Kira case, it is revealed that she continues to work for Near.

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The character Shoko Himura is an amalgamation of several characters including Halle Lidner, Naomi Misora, and Mello. Himura's real name is Halle Lidner, and similar to Lidner, she works with both Near and Mello to help stop Kira.


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