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Cut to: Ryuzaki's current hotel suite. TV screens go static as video finishes.
Aizawa That was footage from surveillance cameras at the station. The death of one of the FBI agents is captured on here. [groans]
Ryuzaki Let's see the following scenes again: Raye Penber passing the ticket gate on his way in, then him boarding the train, then finally the part where he dies on the platform. [bites into ice cream]
Aizawa Okay. [sorting through surveillance tapes] Let's see...
Matsuda I think it's next to that.
Aizawa Oh, here it is.
Matsuda [reviewing document] Um, so based on the records I have here, Raye Penber comes through the west entrance of Shinjuku Station at 3:11 PM. Then at 3:13 he boards a train on the Yamanote Line. But even if he was following someone at that time, I think it's going to be very difficult for us to draw any real conclusions from the blurry video. Then at exactually 4:42 P.M. a—
Watari hands him an ice cream cone. Matsuda smiles and takes it.
Matsuda [cont'd] Nnn. Oh, thank you, Watari.
Watari walks towards Soichiro with another as Aizawa eagerly watches. Soichiro quietly thanks Watari as he receives one. Aizawa takes his as Matsuda finishes speaking.
Matsuda Uuuumm, and at 4:42 P.M., he exits the train at Tokyo station and dies on the platform
Ryuzaki It's quite strange, don’t you think?
Aizawa [happily with ice cream] Hah...
Soichiro I'm sorry. What do you find strange?
Matsuda Yeah, what is it. Did you notice something?
Ryuzaki [licks ice cream] Mmm. [swallows] We know that Raye Penber got on the train and then an hour and a half later he got off and died on the platform. But the Yamanote Line only takes an hour to complete its circuit. And more importantly, there's the envelope.
Aizawa Uh, whaddya mean?
Ryuzaki rewinds the tape on one of the TVs to Raye and others passing through ticket gates
Ryuzaki He's holding what looks like an envelope when he passes through the ticket gate.
Aizawa [gasps] You're right! It's there, under his arm! [looks at other screen] But in the footage right before his death, it's gone! I can't believe you actually caught that!
Soichiro [grabs paper] Well, I don't see an envelope on this list of his personal effects.
Ryuzaki Which means it was left on the train. And if you watch closely, at the very end here... [fastforwards tape to Raye dying on platform] it seems like he's straining to look inside the train before the doors close. You can see right here.
Soichiro If that's the case, do you think it could mean something?
Ryuzaki Wouldn't it be interesting if Kira was on that train?
Soichiro That's impossible!
Ryuzaki I admit, I find it hard to believe as well. There's no reason for Kira to come to the scene of his own crime when he can kill from a distance. [takes breath] Well... maybe he was counting on us to make that assumption, and figured he could get away with such a bold move. [eats ice cream] Mmm...
Watari looks from Ryuzaki, then to his computer, then eats his own ice cream and returns to his work
Cut to: Yagami household exterior
Ryuk [offscreen] What's going on with you, Light?
Cut to Ryuk and Light in Light's room. Light is at his desk, writing names in the Death Note.
Ryuk [cont'd] You haven't stopped writing criminals' names in the Death Note for four days straight. So what are you trying to prove? I don't see the point of writing these names weeks in advance. I've never seen the Death Note used like this.
Light Consider it insurance. Suppose the son of the Detective Superintendent of the NPA was hospitalized. If criminals stop dying at the same time, it wouldn't be difficult to connect the two.
Ryuk So that's what this is.
Light Are you sure that I can use any date as long as it's before the end of a person's predetermined lifespan?
Ryuk Well, I can't guarantee it, because we Shinigami don't normally work that way, but I suppose any time before the end of their lifespan should work.
Light I really can't count on you, can I?
Ryuk Ya got that right.
Cut to: Ryuzaki's current hotel suite
Watari [on phone] Yes? Yes, would you please hold for a moment? [to Ryuzaki] Ryuzaki, it's Ukita at the NPA. He says he's on the phone with someone from the tip-line who has information for us.
Ryuzaki Right. Then give Ukita the number for line five and ask him to have the informant call that line instead. It'll be safer that way. Mr. Matsuda, it's okay for you to turn your cellphone on now. Actually, please turn it on right away.
Matsuda Uh, sure.
Matsuda turns on his cellphone, which immediately begins to ring. Ryuzaki snatches it from him, turns it on and talks into it with a fake voice.
Ryuzaki [using fake voice] Yes, this is Suzuki, head of Kira investigation Public Information Division. [pauses][in real voice] Raye Penber's fiancée? Naomi Misora...
Watari nods and begins to look up her information on his laptop
Ryuzaki [cont'd] I've heard that name before...
Watari turns his screen to show Naomi's image and information
Ryuzaki [gasps] [thinking] So it's her. She's from the Los Angeles BB Murder Case. That's right! She was working under me. I guess she must have come to Japan with her fiancé. [hangs up cellphone and hands it to Matsuda][aloud] Well, apparently she's been missing since the day after her fiancé died.
Matsuda I'm sure that anyone in her situation would be pretty depressed. Was it...?
Aizawa Suicide.
Ryuzaki No. The Naomi Misora I knew was strong. Not to mention she was also an excellent FBI agent. If anything, it's more likely that she'd be trying to catch Kira. It appears she came to Japan with Penber, it's possible that she may have found a lead... [thinking] If that's the case, did Kira manage to get to her first? [aloud] Everyone. At this point, I'd like to focus our investigation on only those people who Raye Penber was tailing. In particular, he was assigned to two police officers and those closest to them.
Soichiro Very well. Who are these two individuals he was investigating?
Ryuzaki Deputy Director Kitamura, along with Detective Superintendent Yagami and their families.
Soichiro [gasps]
Ryuzaki At this stage, I'd like to place wiretaps and surveillance cameras in both households.
Cut to: Light Yagami's bedroom. Light is working on his laptop.
Light [thinking] I have to make sure there's no evidence left on this computer, just in case someone goes through it. Now I just have to hide these clippings from the Death Note in here.
Fade forward to Light finishing up some sort of handicraft holder for Death Note papers
Ryuk It seems you're pretty skilled with your hands. I bet you're pretty popular with the girls, aren't you?
Light Skill has nothing to do with it. It's your looks that count. I'm guessing you're not that popular, are you?
Ryuk [upset] Huh?
Cut to: Ryuzaki's suite
Matsuda Surveillance cameras? Ryuzaki!
Aizawa I don't see how you could even consider this. If this got out, we'd have a civil rights scandal on our hands! We'd all lose our jobs.
Ryuzaki You told me you'd be willing to risk your lives for this investigation. But you wouldn't risk your jobs?
Matsuda Uh, uh...
Soichiro Ryuzaki, what are the odds that Kira is in one of those households.
Ryuzaki Maybe ten percent. No, it's closer to five percent.
Matsuda Seriously? I'm sorry, but it's not worth the risk.
Soichiro No.
Aizawa and Matsuda [gasp]
Soichiro [cont'd] Of all the people we've investigated so far, not one of them seemed even the least bit suspicious. Even if there's only a one percent chance, we simply can't afford to ignore it.
Matsuda Chief?
Soichiro I don't have to tell you how offended I am to learn my family is under suspicion. Having said that, just go ahead with it.
Aizawa and Matsuda [gasp]
Soichiro [cont'd] And make sure you install them everywhere. I don't wany blind spots in the house, and that includes the bathroom.
Ryuzaki Thank you very much. That was my intention
Aizawa Come on, Chief, you don't have to agree to this!
Matsuda Yes, he's right! Think about your family! You have a wife and daughter at home, don't you?
Soichiro [spins around][angrily] Yes, I'm well aware of that fact! But there is no point of doing this if we can't be thorough! Now I suggest you keep quiet!
Aizawa and Matsuda makes small noises of disbelief
Matsuda I'm sorry.
Soichiro No, it's okay. Excuse me.
Ryuzaki As a courtesy to the chief and his family, only he and I will conduct surveillance of their home. Watari, how long will it take to prepare the wiretaps and cameras we need?
Watari Well, starting tomorrow, I can set them up at any time, provided we know when both houses will be empty.
Fade to black on Soichiro
Cut to: the following day at dusk, in front of the Yagami household
Light's friend [offscreen] See ya later, Light!
Light Yeah, see ya tomorrow. [he grabs the doorhandle to find it's locked][thinking] What? No one's home yet?
He reaches into his pocket, unlocks the door, and enters the house. We briefly see a screen somewhere watching him.
Light [taking off shoes] I'm home!
As he goes upstairs, we briefly see another screen somewhere watching him. He puts his hand on the doorhandle, surprised when it clicks
Light Huh? Hmm...
Light opens the door and a piece of paper that was wedged into the door falls to the ground. Ryuk starts talking as he shuts the door behind him.
Ryuk How's it going? I don't think anyone else is in the house right now. Do you wanna play some videogames? [Light lays down on his bed, ignoring Ryuk] Come on, it's been a while!
Ryuk You listening?
Light gets up from his bed bed and goes through his closet. Cut to him sticking another piece of paper in between his door. Cut to Soichiro watching him on a screen.
Soichiro I don't believe it. I never knew he went to such great lengths. What could he be hiding in their that he doesn't want anyone else to see?
Ryuzaki For a seventeen-year-old kid, I wouldn't say this kind of behavior's particularly abnormal. When I was his age, I did strange things, too. Have you ever talked to your son about the investigation?
Soichiro Of course not. I've never once revealed classified information to my family. Besides, I don't get to see them too often these days, and usually as soon as I get home, all I can do is sleep.
Ryuzaki I understand
Cut to: Light walking down the street with Ryuk hovering behind him
Ryuk Where exactly are we going?
Ryuk Light, don't ignore me when I'm talking to you or I'll get mad. [Light starts checking his jacket] Huh? [as Light starts to think] Hellooooooo?
Light [thinking] Doesn't look like these clothes have been bugged. I think we're safe.
Ryuk [flailing] Yoo-hoooooooo!
Light Listen to me! There's a very strong possibility that there are wiretaps, 'n' maybe surveillance cameras, hidden throughout my house.
Ryuk Really? But that piece of paper was still in your door, wasn't it?
Light That's true, but I left the paper in the door in a way that it would be obvious to anyone entering the room. The real test is the handle.
Ryuk It is?
Light [as he explains, a split-screen showing a diagram of what he is describing is shown] When that door is closed, the doorhandle automatically returns to a horizontal position, and it won't go any higher than that. But whenever I close the door, I adjust it slightly. Instead of letting it sit horizontally, I lower it by about five millimeters. When I get home and I try to open the door, if the handle is all the way up, I can be fairly certain that someone was in my room. That method alone doesn't tell me if my door was actually opened. So I put a mechanical pencil led in place as well.
Ryuk So what do you do with it?
Light It goes on the hinge. After I close the door, I take the pencil led and rest it on the hinges in such a way that it will break if the door happens to be opened by anyone. Normally, I take it out myself when I get back home. When I got home from school today, I noticed that the pencil lead was broken.
Ryuk Now that you mention it, I do remember that.
Light First the door handle, then the lead. I know someone was in there today.
Ryuk Maybe it was your mother.
Light My family wouldn't have noticed the piece of paper. What's suspicious is that someone took the time to put it back in the door.
Cut to Light buying books at a bookstore
Clerk Hi, there, can I help you?
Ryuk What's this all about? Are you buying a book about wiretaps and surveillance so you can figure this mess out?
Cut forward to Light walking down the street, Ryuk hovering behind him
Light By the way, Ryuk, what about your apples?
Ryuk Apples? [gasps] That's right! Surveillance cameras! Once the apple's in my mouth, no one can see it, but while I'm holding it, it looks like it's floating.
Light I thought so. You told me that Shinigami can't die, so I guess it won't kill you to stop eating apples for a while.
Ryuk [desperately] Agh! Don't you think that's a bit much? Come on! I never told you this, but apples are to me, what cigarettes and alcohol are to humans. Do you see what I'm sayin'? I even get withdrawal symptoms.
Light Oh yeah? What kind of symptoms.
Ryuk My body gets all twisted, I do handstands. [doing a handstand] It's not pretty!
Light I don't need to see that.
Ryuk [sighs] I know.
Light Okay, here's the thing. Unfortunately, I already gave L the hint that Shinigami love apples, so I just can't afford to take the risk.
Ryuk When did you...?
Light [stopping in front of his house] If it's so important for you to eat apples, you'll have to find out where all the cameras are hidden. If you're lucky, you might find a blind spot where you can eat them without being seen.
Ryuk Huh...
Light Alright, let's go.
Ryuk [flying to the top floor] Yeah! A camera search! [thinking] Sounds so interesting.
Eyecatch out — "A person can shorten his or her own lifespawn by using the note."
Eyecatch in — "The human who becomes the owner of the DEATH NOTE can, in exchange if half of his/her remaining life, get the eyeballs of the god of death which will enable him/her to see a human's name and remaining lifetime when looking through them."
Cut to: Yagami household exterior at night. Cut to Light's room, where Light is looking at a centerfold, Ryuk staring from behind.
Ryuk Oh... Oh! Uh! [looking around] I, have to find the cameras
Cut to Soichiro and L surveilling Light
Soichiro I can't believe my son is looking at those magazines.
Ryuzaki Hm, it's normal for a seventeen-year-old. But it seems contrived. It's too obvious. The only reason he didn't want anyone in his room was because he had these magazines? That's what he wants us to think.
Soichiro Hey. That's my son you're talking about. Are you honestly telling me that you suspect him?
Ryuzaki I do suspect him. That's why I placed wiretaps and surveillance cameras in your house and the deputy director's house.
Cut back to Light's room. Ryuk phases through the air conditioner.
Ryuk Huh? I found a camera in the air conditioner!
He continues to scour the room for cameras, climbing the ceiling and occasionally grunting as he looks around
Light Hmm. [thinking So they really put cameras in here. They must have bugged the place as well. Even if this is the Kira case, I didn't think the Japanese police would ever go this far. This must be L's idea. Which means they've narrowed down their list of suspects. By now they must have figured out that it was someone who Raye Penber was investigating, or they wouldn't have gone to all this trouble. [sitting up and closing magazine][aloud] Hmm... Man, these covers mislead you all the time. [thinking] No. Given the situation, it's safer if I just assume I'm their prime suspect, and the only one being watched. It'll be okay. Luckily, I've prepared for this kind of situation.
Cut to Soichiro watch Light place magazine back in its hiding spot
Soichiro Oh, Light...
Cut to Yagami household downstairs, Sayu Yagami calling up to Light
Sayu Hey, Light, come on! Dinner is ready!
Cut to closeup of TV
Hideki Ryuga I love you. Always
Woman [drops her umbrella and whimpers]
Sayu whimpers. Cut out to her watching TV in the living room.
Sayu Hideki Ryuga. I swear, he's perfect! How come no one in my class is like that?
Sachiko Sayu, just eat your dinner.
Transition to Ryuzaki watching the Yagamis over surveillance
Sayu [over speakers] I'll eat later!
Ryuzaki [on phone] Hello, Mr. Aizawa? Are the Kitamuras watching television right now?
Aizawa [over phone] Yes. [cut to Aizawa] He's not home, but the other four are watching while they eat dinner. It's channel four.
Cut back to Ryuzaki, who hangs up the phone
Ryuzaki Watari, please contact the broadcasters and tell them to play our message.
Watari Very well. Understood.
Cut to closeup of TV
Hideki Ryuga That's right, my parents met... [rest is inaudible]
There is a beeping sound, then white text appears on the screen
Sayu [offscreen] Huh? What's this? [cut out] ICPO? They're saying that, "In response to the Kira murders, Interpol has decided to dispatch a force of fifteen hundred investigators to Japan. The investigators were drawn from the law enforcement agencies of its member nations." Fifteen hundred investigators? Whoa!
Light [thinking] Chances are they've got cameras in the living room as well. Regardless of whether this news is real or not, it's obvious they're just trying to revoke a reaction from me. L, this is the exact same trick you used last time. [aloud] The ICPO sure is stupid.
Sayu Huh?
Light [scoffs] I mean, there's no point in making this announcement. If they're going to send all these people here to investigate, shouldn't they keep it a secret?
Cut to Ryuzaki watching
Light [over speakers] Even if the FBI agents who were secretly investigating were killed by Kira, why would this be any different? If you ask me, this is nothing more than a desperate attempt to shock Kira, in the hopes that he'll reveal himself somehow. Quite frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if Kira sees right through this.
"Kuroi Light" plays
Ryuzaki Hmm... [chuckles] Your son's clever, isn't he?
Soichiro Huh. Well, yes.
Light [over speakers] Thanks for dinner, Mom.
Cut back to Yagami household. Light opens a cabinet and pulls out a bag of chips.
Sayu Huh? You're eating a bag of chips? You just had dinner! Your good looks are gonna go down the drain if you keep that up.
Light It's a late-night snack for studying.
Cut forward to Light entering his room. Ryuk is lying on his bed, silently panting.
Ryuk I think that's it, Light. I found every camera they put in the house. I guess Shinigami get tired when they work hard. Now let me explain where they all are. It's a little bit complicated, so listen up. There's nothing I hate more than explaining something twice.
Light Alright, it's time for me to hit the books.
Diagram of Light's room and the cameras is shown as Ryuk talks
Ryuk There sure are a lot of cameras in this room. I counted sixty-four in total. I guess whoever put them in here expected you to find at least some of them.
Light [thinking] It has to be L. He had no qualms about putting a death raw inmate in his place when he declared war on me. It's pretty clear he doesn't know any limits.
Ryuk Ugh. What I wanna know is how am I going to be able to eat apples?
Light [thinking] Obviously, that's impossible now, isn't it?
Ryuk Oh, yeah. I guess you can't talk in here. But we'd better discuss this outside tomorrow.
Light Okay. I think I'm getting the hang of this now. [thinking] Judging by the number of cameras he's planted, he's planning to make a decision within a short period of time. Any normal person would slip under these circumstances, ["Kuroi Light" stops] but it won't be that easy with me, L. [as he rips his bag of chips open:] This, is the closest you will get! [laughs softly]
Ryuk [on the floor, laughs]
Brief shot of inside Light's chip bag. There's a shining coming from the bottom.
Light [thinking] I've set things up so that criminals will continue to die over the next three weeks. L is aware by now that Kira can control the times of death of his victims. Therefore, to avoid suspicion, L needs to see that criminals whose names are being broadcast continue to die while I have no access to that information.
Ryuk [getting up into a handstand][panicking] Oooh! The symptoms are starting! Agggggh!
Light [cont'd][thinking] I'm gonna show you, L!
Montage of Light writing and at one point, Ryuk spasming. We see there is a portable TV inside Light's bag of potato chips.
Light [cont'd][thinking] With Ryuk's information and my preparations, I can continue to kill criminals who names are broadcast on the news, while masquerading as a typical high school student studying for his entrance exams. Just watch me, L. I'll solve equations with my right hand and write names with my left. I'll take a potato chip and eat it!
Cut to Ryuzaki and Soichiro watching Light at his desk
Ryuzaki After dinner, your son just goes back to studying without turning on the TV or his computer?
Soichiro It's because the entrance exams are five days away.
Ryuzaki Hmm...
He stares at the screen, which transitions to Light
Light [thinking] Now, a criminal who I should have no knowledge of will die of a heart attack in forty seconds. And the witness to my alibi is L himself. [crunches up bag of chips and throws them in the trash][aloud] Alright. Just a little bit longer.
Fade to black
Cut to: Ryuzaki's suite. Watari approaches Ryuzaki and Soichiro
Watari Ryuzaki.
Ryuzaki Yes? What is it, Watari?
Watari [looking at note] A few minutes ago, a bank clerk being questioned on suspicion of embezzlement and a purse-snatcher being held in a detention center were broadcast on the news. They both just died of sudden, inexplicable heart attacks.
Soichiro [stands up] It's him again.
Ryuzaki While all that was happening, at your home, your wife and daughter were watching television. When that was over, they turned the TV off and didn't watch anything afterwards. From just past seven-thirty until now, eleven o'clock, your son's done nothing but study. Kira needs a name and a face. Without those, he can't kill. So I suppose anyone who didn't watch the news can't be Kira, right?
Soichiro You said it yourself. That means my family has been cleared!
Ryuzaki It doesn’t make sense that Kira would kill two petty criminals right after their identities were broadcast.
Soichiro [gasps]
Ryuzaki I know it's only the first day after the cameras were installed, but the Yagami household almost seems too innocent to me. Hmm...
Cut to: Yagami household exterior in daytime
Sachiko [off-screen] Light, are you up yet?
Cut into Light's room
Light [yawning] Yeah, I'm awake.
Sachiko Today's garbage day, so if you've got any bring it down with you, okay?
Light [opening door and walking out with trashcan] What a pain.
He tosses his trash into the larger bag as Sachiko talks
Sachiko [chuckles] What are you talking about? You usually say, "there's no need to remind me, Mom."
Light [walking away] Yeah, yeah.
Cut to Light's room. He opens the window door and steps out onto the balcony. He groans and stretches.
Light Another beautiful day.
Ryuk Well, I can't say for sure whether you're extremely generous or just a spoilt brat.But didn't that mini-LCD TV cost you four hundred bucks?
Light watches his mother approach the garbage man with two trash bags
Sachiko Good morning!
Light watches her hand him the bags and the truck crunch up the garbage
Ending credits
Next episode preview
Light [chuckles] Perfect. There's no need for me to be worried. After all, this is proof that they don't have anything on me yet. So this whole thing is nothing more than a contest between L and I. A battle of wits.

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