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George Sairas (ジョージ・サイラス, Jōji Sairasu) is the Vice President of the United States. When David Hoope dies, Sairas succeeds him as President.

In the anime, Sairas is the U.S. President from the start.


Sairas is a balding man with blond hair and ochre eyes. He is seen wearing a black suit and tie.


Death Note 13: How to Read describes Sairas as "weak-willed" and "clearly lacking as a leader."


After President David Hoope dies, Sairas succeeds him as the new President of the United States. Fearing that he will be killed by Kira if he does not cooperate, Sairas publicly announces that the United States will no longer oppose Kira and has accepted his role.

In the anime, David Hoope's character is not present, and Sairas is president from the beginning. He is first seen in the Oval Office meeting with Steve Mason and Near. Near debriefs Sairas on the current situation regarding the Kira investigation, including the discovery of Death Notes after one was found on Kyosuke Higuchi five years prior. Near also reveals that the original L is dead, and that the current L is a fake created by the Japanese police in an attempt to avoid mass panic. He adds that the Japanese police are likely in possession of the Death Note that was confiscated from Higuchi. Sairas inquires who Near is, and Mason introduces him as the true successor of L. After hearing Near's proposal, Sairas helps provide him with resources needed to create the SPK.

Sairas later announces that the United States will no longer be opposing Kira. When accused of believing Kira is justice, Sairas denies this claim. He admits that, since Kira's appearance, there are no longer wars and that crime has gone down. Despite this, he knows Kira is not justice but acknowledges that anyone opposing Kira will be killed. He leaves without answering any further questions, and his decision is met with much criticism by the reporters present.


  • In the last episode, the cast list for the English version incorrectly lists his character as David Hoope.