George Sairas (ジョージ・サイラス, Jōji Sairasu) is the Vice President of the United States. When David Hoope dies, Sairas becomes the President in his place.

In the anime, Sairas is the U.S. President from the start.


George Sairas is a balding man with blond hair and ochre eyes. He is always seen wearing a black suit.


Sairas capitulates to Kira and officially announces his support for him. In addition, Sairas leaks secret information about the SPK to Kira. Death Note 13: How to Read describes Sairas as "weak-willed" and "clearly lacking as a leader."


  • Sairas' appearance and his voice in the English dub seem to be based on real-life American president George W. Bush.
  • In the last episode, the cast list for the English version lists him as David Hoope.
  • In the novel L: Change the WorLd, the Vice President is instead a man named Godwin.