It's too dangerous to allow further action by Higuchi! Let's bring him in! I believe he has the same power as the second Kira. He is able to kill just by looking at someone's face. Please keep this in mind when you move in to arrest him!


Frenzy (狂騒, Kyousou) is the twenty-third episode in the Death Note anime series.


Higuchi writes Matsuda's alias in his Death Note. When it fails, he makes a deal with Rem for the Shinigami Eyes. He kills a police officer who pulls him over, showing the investigation team that he has the Second Kira's powers. Light and L decide to go to the scene via helicopter, while also handcuffing Misa to a chair to prevent her from escaping.

L declares the situation too dangerous and orders his immediate arrest. Higuchi goes to Yotsuba, where he tries to get Matsuda's name from the security footage, but discovers the tapes switched. Soichiro, who is at Sakura TV, switches out Matsuda and the interviewer with mannequins and plays a recording of the rest of the interview, while Mogi, Wedy, and Aiber arrive at the station. Higuchi arrives and realizes he has been set up. The Task Force members try to arrest him, but Higuchi non-critically shoots Soichiro in the arm and flees.

Higuchi encounters a police roadblock and is pinned in by the Task Force. From L's helicopter, Watari shoots Higuchi's front tire, sending him crashing into the embankment. Finally out of options, Higuchi draws his gun and attempts to shoot himself in the head, but Watari snipes the revolver out of his hand. Light declares that it is over.

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