Flight (飛行, Hikõ) is the eighth chapter of volume eight and the sixty-ninth of the Death Note manga series.



After a long night of researching Jack Neylon, David Hoope, the President of the United States, calls L, saying that he is ready to deploy his special task force. Light sends the president and the leader of the special task force the drawing of Mello and photographs of his top thugs. Light gives them instructions to kill them, and keep the President in a safe area where he won't be forced to start a nuclear strike, even though Light is well aware that the Death Note cannot force a person to kill others before they die. Light asks the president to show him the satellite images that SPK is looking at, which show the three places they believe to Mello's headquarters. However, when he asks the president what images the kidnappers were looking at, he answers the same. This means that Mello is definitely not in any of those hideouts. Light plans to control Jack Neylon using the Death Note and make him reveal his whereabouts to Light.

Four days later, Misa approaches Light, telling him that he received a letter with the address of Mello's hideout; Light's plan worked. He had written Neylon's real name in the Death Note and made him send a letter with the address of his whereabouts inside to Misa. He is scheduled to die of a heart attack in two more weeks, which, hopefully, will be after Light has already killed Mello and Near.

The investigation team is now tracking the address that Light received via satellite. They see a couple of Mafia thugs go inside. The president's special task force has the place outside surrounded. They get the orders from Light to move in and retrieve the notebook. The men, who have on helmets to shield their faces, move in to hideout. Suddenly, their helmets are knocked off by some invisible force. It is Sidoh. From the security cameras, Jack Neylon sees the faces of the men and calls out their names while another thug writes them down in the notebook.


Tsugumi Ohba said the chapter's title "Flight" refers to the helmets that Sidoh knocked off of all the special task force men, causing them to appear to fly around a lot in the chapter.

Ohba also said that he "got readers all excited with this title" as the readers did not realize that the only items flying around were helmets.

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