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Feelings Within (内感情, Uchi kanjō) is the fifty-eighth chapter of the Death Note manga series.


All of the investigation data is erased, which can mean only one thing: Watari is dead.

The team notices that Rem is missing, and Ryuzaki quickly realizes that the Shinigami must have killed Watari. As he’s about to tell the team of his discovery, Ryuzaki collapses. Light holds a dying Ryuzaki in his arms and looks down on him, smiling fiendishly.

Ryuzaki finally confirms that he was right all along. Light is Kira, he has always been Kira, and he will continue to be Kira. Ryuzaki then closes his eyes and dies.

In another room, Rem is wasting away. Her whole body is turning to dust. Panicked, the investigation team takes Ryuzaki to the hospital, where he is pronounced dead, having died of a heart attack. Feigning anger, Light goes to search for the Shinigami that killed Ryuzaki.

In reality, Light knows that he must quickly find the remains of Rem and retrieve the Death Note she left behind. He does so and shows the rest of the team the remains of a Shinigami.

Light then swears that he will avenge Ryuzaki's death. However, for now, Light has won. He has gotten rid of Watari, and most importantly, he has outsmarted L.

Now there is no one left to stop Light from becoming god of the New World.


Tsugumi Ohba explained that the chapter's title "Feelings Within" generally refers to L's last internal monologue. People often asked him what L was trying to say but Ohba make it clear that Death Note is about readers discovering their own conclusions about the work, so he refused to answer such questions. Ohba believes that not knowing every aspect of some things makes them feel more exciting.

Ohba also stated that the title also refers to Light's emotions the time of L's monologue.

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