Everybody is the tenth and final chapter of volume eleven and the ninety-eighth chapter of the Death Note manga series.



Near wants all members of the SPK and Japanese Task Force to meet face-to-face. He will bring Mogi, whom the SPK has in custody, and promises to release Misa just prior to the meeting.

Near suggests meeting in the abandoned Yellow Box Warehouse in Yokohama and sends images of the building to the Task Force. Finally, he requests that a member of the Task Force, other than L, bring along the Death Note currently in police custody. He and Light agree on a date and time for the meeting — January 28th at 1:00 pm.

After the conversation, Light meets Kiyomi Takada at a hotel and passes her a note with the date, time, and location of his meeting with the SPK.

The next day, Takada steps out of her car to enter NHN offices, surrounded by her bodyguards and paparazzi. In a car that had been patrolling outside the offices, Matt speeds toward them and fires a smoke grenade into the crowd. He quickly drives away and is pursued by several of Takada's bodyguards.

In the chaos in front of the building, Halle Lidner is helping Takada toward the entrance. Through the smoke, Mello appears and offers to take Takada to safety on his motorcycle. Lidner sends Takada with him and orders the remaining bodyguards to follow them. Mello slips away from their pursuers and handcuffs Takada to himself.


Tsugumi Ohba said that the chapter title "Everybody" was given because all of the key characters had been assembled for the final conflict. One of the conditions of the planned meeting between two of the factions is that all of the members of both sides have to appear. Also, Mello re-appears, so all of the key characters have again been assembled together.

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