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Death Note x Real Escape Game: Escape from the God of the New World (DEATH NOTE×リアル脱出ゲーム「新世界の神からの脱出」, Death Note x riaru dasshutsu gēmu "shinsekai no kami kara dasshutsu") was a Death Note-themed escape room held in 2014. It was designed by SCRAP Corporation.

The game was announced on March 3, 2014 as part of the tenth anniversary of the Death Note manga series.

Game premise[]

Summarized by Crunchyroll:

"Escape from the God of the New World" is set in a world ruled by "New Kira," who claims himself as the successor of Kira. The participants of the game have to survive and escape from the traps set up by the new Kira in one hour.

Event dates and locations[]

The game was available for a limited time in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan in the summer of 2014. It was initially going to end in July, but the game was so popular that it was extended an additional month through the end of August.

Location Venue Dates
Tokyo, Japan Harajuku Himitsukichi of Scrap May 30 - July 27, 2014 (initial)
August 1–31, 2014 (extended)
Osaka, Japan Osaka Himitsukichi of Scrap June 13 - July 27, 2014 (initial)
August 1–31, 2014 (extended)




Death and Sand

Escape from the World of Death and Sand

  • Advanced ticket sales were available starting on March 21st.
  • Ticket prices: Advance General 2,800 yen, Advance Student 2,200 yen, Same Day 3,300 yen.
  • Corresponding with the release of the event, SCRAP released the 80-page puzzle booklet Escape from the World of Death and Sand.

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