Eriko Aizawa (相沢絵里子, Aizawa Eriko) is the wife of Shuichi Aizawa and mother of their two children.


Eriko has short, chin-length brown hair and brown eyes.


Eriko cares very much for the well-being of her children and husband. She dislikes that her husband overworks and barely has time to see his children.


Eriko is first mentioned when Shuichi Aizawa arrives at the Japanese Task Force headquarters with a bruise on his head. He explains he had a fight with his wife because his daughter Yumi and unnamed baby are very young, and he rarely sleeps at home.

Later on, Eriko appears walking in the park with her two children when her daughter Yumi notices her father sitting on a bench. Eriko tells her husband that he should have told her that he was coming home early so that she could have made enough dinner for everyone. After her husband hugs their daughter, he begins to cry, and Yumi asks Eriko why he does this.

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