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Listen for the voice of God then follow it, and know that in time you will find your salvation.

— English teacher ("Rebirth")

Light's high school English teacher is a minor character who appears early on in the anime and manga.


English teacher

The teacher has fair skin and slightly curly brown hair. He wears a gray suit with a black tie and black-framed glasses with lenses that appear white, blocking out his eyes.


At the start of the series, Light is in his English class, zoning out, and his teacher is reading a passage. Noticing that Light is not paying attention, he calls on him to translate the following sentence in the reading into English, which Light does with ease. Other students in the class are playing handheld games and whispering to each other as the teacher drones on.


While the teacher's role is fairly minor, it is significant in foreshadowing events of the series, as the passages he reads are ones that unintentionally reflect the series.


  • Yagami, are you still with us?” (Episode 1)
  • He found himself overwhelmed with happiness and satisfaction, knowing that at long last his dream had finally come true.” (Episode 2)