Ellickson Gardner (エリクソン=ガードナー, Erikuson Gādonā) is a member of the SPK.


Ellickson is an older, balding man with gray hair and a mustache. He is seen wearing a suit and tie.


Ellickson is first shown among the SPK's founding members. Along with most other members of the SPK, he dies of a heart attack after the Mafia obtains a Death Note from the Japanese Task Force.

In Death Note Relight 2: L's Successors, he is killed when Kiyomi Takada sends the names and photographs of SPK agents to Teru Mikami, who sees Ellickson's true name with his Shinigami eyes and writes it in the Death Note.


  • In Relight 2, his name is written 'Ellickson Guardner' in his SPK personnel file. When Mikami looks at his photo with his Shinigami Eyes, his true name is revealed to be Ellickson Tohmas.
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