Election is the sixth chapter of volume ten and the eighty-fifth chapter of the Death Note manga series.


Mello has been spying on Mogi and Misa for quite a long time. He can't believe that a girl as stupid as Misa is the Second Kira. However, if she has the Shinigami Eyes, then Kira might be using her. Meanwhile, Matt is spying on the Japanese police headquarters, and there has been no significant movement.

The SPK has been uncovering information about Light Yagami. The most interesting bit is the fact that he was often seen with another guy named Hideki Ryuga. One day, Ryuga, Light Yagami, and Misa Amane were all seen at the To-Oh University campus, and then they were never seen again. Near is now convinced that Light Yagami's fiancée is the second Kira. However, Near is convinced that the person doing the killings now is someone other than Misa; he believes that Light is controlling this person. After Demegawa's death, Sakura TV is in search of a new Kira spokesperson. Some corporations have now started putting in their commercials that they support Kira.

Aizawa is still keeping an eye on Light, and he feels pressured not to make any obvious moves in contacting Mikami. Meanwhile, Mikami is feeling increasingly frustrated that Kira has not given him any instructions. He decides to try to talk to Kira directly. He goes on "Kira's Kingdom" and, looking at the camera, asks that he would like to hear Kira's voice and that he will earnestly follow any of his wishes. If he doesn't receive orders, he promises to put Kira's goals into actions. Light understands that this is Mikami's way of reaching out to Kira. Mikami decides to wait three days for Kira's answers. If no answer comes, he will personally choose Kira's next spokesperson. Four days later, Matsuda tells the team that NHN anchorwoman Kiyomi Takada, Light's ex-girlfriend from To-Oh University, has been spoken to spread the message of Kira.


Tsugumi Ohba said that the chapter was given title "Election" because of the selection of Takada as Demegawa's replacement. Ohba went on to say that if anyone wanted to "force" another meaning to the title, then "Election" could also refer to Misa's approval of Mogi as her cook.

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