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Eiichi Takahashi (鷹橋 鋭一, Takahashi Eīchi) is one of the eight members of the Yotsuba Group.


Takahashi has shoulder-length blond hair, brown eyebrows, and small, dark eyes. He has a black mustache and is always seen wearing a black suit.


Takahashi is the Vice President of Yotsuba Material Planning Division and Yotsuba Homes. Death Note 13: How to Read states that he "never had what it takes to be a true leader" and that he was selected to attend the meetings to "make Higuchi look good." The book adds that other members view Takahashi as "foolish" because he does not "seem to put much thought into his comments." He dislikes being teased.

Takahashi is married with a child and is a graduate of Keiyo Business School. He is the son of Karazo Takahashi, the president of Japan Financial Times, and maintains a hobby in surfing.


Takahashi takes part in the Meetings of Death along with the rest of the Yotsuba Group. He is later disposed of, along with the remaining members of the Yotsuba Group, by Light Yagami writing their names into the Death Note.

In other media[]

Takahashi drama

Takahashi in the 2015 TV Drama

In the 2015 television drama, Takahashi is similar to his canon self. He and the other six Yotsuba Group members survive the series.