Discovery (ディスカバリー, Disukabarī) is the seventh chapter of volume eight and the sixty-eighth chapter of the Death Note manga series.



Mello tells the president that he knows that he formed the SPK so that the American government could get a hold of the Death Note. Mello offers to give the notebook to him, but in exchange, he wants the president to grant him amnesty, funding, weapons, and the use of satellites. In addition, Mello wants the president to report to him SPK's movements.

While Light and the investigators are planning their next move, they get a call from the president of the U.S. who asks Light if there is any way to escape the notebook. Light realizes that the president is being threatened by Mello. Light sees an advantage to this. Light gets the president to tell him everything and reassures him that he has already figured out the names and whereabouts of most of the kidnappers, even though in reality, it's a lie. Light asks the president if he can use a group of men not known to the SPK or the kidnappers. The president answers that he has a special group of thirty men reserved for situations like this. Now, all Light has to do is find out where Mello is before Near. Misa calls Light, telling him that after researching pictures of wanted mafia thugs, she found a man among them with a name but no lifespan using her Shinigami Eyes. Light is thrilled, as this means that this mafiosi is the current Death Note owner. When Light looks at the picture of the man nicknamed Jack Neylon, he notices that he looks nothing like Mello. However, it's possible that this guy is one of Mello's top men, and is near him.


Tsugumi Ohba said the chapter's title "Discovery" refers to Jack Neylon being revealed as the owner of the Death Note.

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