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This page is for the detective in the 2017 film. For the bus-driver in the manga and other adaptations, see Sasaki.

It makes no sense. The Nakamuras and the Inagawas have had a truce for over ten years. How would Kira even know about them.

— Sasaki

Sasaki (佐々木) is a minor character in Netflix's 2017 Death Note film. He is a detective with the Japanese police.


Detective Sasaki surveys a crime scene where two crime families murdered each other in a night club in Tokyo, Japan. The incident was caused by Kira. Sasaki wonders aloud how Kira would even know about the families to target them. L, who is at the crime scene with him, tells him that he tipped off Kira by slipping information into various police databases. This incident allows L to narrow Kira's location to Seattle, Washington, in the United States.


  • The character is portrayed by the film's producer Masi Oka.
  • According to Oka, the character was named in honor of Hisashi Sasaki, the vice president of Global Shounen Jump VIZ Media, and the former editor-in-chief of Weekly Shonen Jump.[1]

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  1. Tweet from Masi Oka, July 21, 2017: "Sasaki-san, thank you for watching it and glad you enjoyed it! Btw, I play the character of Officer Sasaki named in your honor :)"