Forget it! It's pointless!

— Deridovely

Deridovely (デリダブリー, Deridaburī), alternatively Dellidublly, is a Shinigami who spends his time gambling.


Deridovely is humanoid in appearance but wears a bone mask over his face. He carries a scythe, making him thematically similar to the classical depiction of a grim reaper.


Deridovely usually gambles with Gook and Ryuk, though it is implied that Ryuk doesn't often participate.


Deridovely is seen gambling with Gook in the first episode and wins a game against him. Gook invites Ryuk to join them, but Ryuk is distracted by the Human World. Five days later, Ryuk tells Gook and Deridovely that he dropped his Death Note in the human world and leaves. Thereafter, Deridovely is absent from the series, only appearing in flashbacks in which Ryuk tells Light of the Shinigami Realm.

His last official appearance in the series was in the OVA Death Note Relight 1: Visions of a God, where an unnamed Shinigami is speaking to him, Gook, and Zellogi, asking where Ryuk is.


Takeshi Obata said that he based Deridovely on a "gross-looking transparent insect." Obata believes that the bandages aid the design.


  • His name is given as "Dellidublly" in the original Japanese version of Death Note 13: How to Read, but as "Deridovely" in Viz's English-language version.