Delete (削除, Sakujo) is the fourth chapter of volume ten and eighty-third chapter of the Death Note manga series.


Near orders Halle Lidner to tell Mello everything that Mogi and Aizawa revealed except for the fact that L-Kira is Light Yagami. He feels like they will have a better chance of knowing L's whereabouts if they're both looking. The freed Aizawa and Mogi decide to start investigating Misa. They plan to search her house and keep an eye on her. Meanwhile, Mello and another young man named Matt, upon receiving a tip from Lidner, begin to tail Aizawa and Mogi.

They go to Misa's house, under the pretense that there's a bomb there. When a notebook is nowhere to be found, Mogi stays with Misa in order to spy on her. Mello orders Matt to keep an eye on Mogi and Misa while he follows Aizawa. Aizawa comes back to headquarters and admits that he has been to see Near. He tells Light that he suspects him again, and he will be keeping an eye on him now. Mogi is already spying on Misa. Light does not denounce the actions, or else he'll look suspicious. However, he wonders just how exactly he's going to give Teru Mikami specific instructions when he is under such intense scrutiny.

The director of Sakura TV, Hitoshi Demegawa, has begun to ask the viewers of "Kira's Kingdom" to send in money to build extravagant chapels. Light fears that without Misa around to give him instructions, Demegawa has become blinded by money and has turned away from Kira's cause. Mikami is watching the same program and is disgusted by Demegawa as well. He decides to take matters into his own hands and kill Demegawa with his Shinigami Eyes. He feels that this would be Kira's will. Light watches Demegawa die on T.V. and is impressed that Mikami understands Kira's thoughts and ideals so well. However, he’s disturbed that Mikami was able to act without receiving orders.


Tsugumi Ohba said that the chapter's title "Delete" refers to Mikami using the word "delete" a lot. Ohba went on to say that the word "reveals what kind of character Mikami is."

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