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What's going on here? I thought the murders would continue even after Light was confined. Instead it stopped completely. Light asked to be confined in the first place. As this continues, it'll only strengthen the argument that he is Kira. The only question left would be whether or not he was conscious of being Kira. Does he really think that's gonna work? That he'll be let off the hook if he can just prove he wasn't conscious of being Kira? It's not like Light Yagami. No. It's not like Kira.


Decision (決断, Ketsudan) is the sixteenth episode of the Death Note anime.


At a misty forest, Light relinquishes ownership of Rem's Death Note, but retains his memories because he still owns Ryuk's, which he buried in the forest. As Rem leaves, Light tells Ryuk that if he says "get rid of it", he wants to relinquish ownership of the Death Note.

Meanwhile, Misa regains consciousness, and with the new loss of memory, she starts to think she has been kidnapped by a stalker and tries appealing to him. This puzzles the others, since Mogi, who arrested her, made it clear that she was a suspect for being the second Kira, and she didn't even struggle. L tries to ask her stuff, but she remains ignorant, thinking that a stalker knocked her out, and even openly admits that Light is her boyfriend.

Light then comes to meet with the Task Force, and decides to tell L that he thinks that he may somehow be Kira "sub-consciously", as he was investigated by Raye Penber, was in Aoyama, met Misa Amane, and occasionally wishes to have some people die, and wishes to be solitarily confined. Light's father is vehemently adverse to this, but L agrees. After the first day, Soichiro also believes it is a good idea that he himself is confined to a cell as he can't risk his emotions getting the better of him in this investigation; L complies, but allows for him to have full contact with the outside world.

After Light's imprisonment, the Kira executions have ended, and L's suspicion is heightened, all while Ryuk suffers withdrawal periods. After one week, Light decides that now is a good time to give up the Death Note. As Ryuk leaves and Light loses his memories, his immediate behavior is one of severe bewilderment, puzzling L. The Kira executions resume the next week – enough to compensate for the two week drought. Soichiro is informed, but L holds this from Light, still suspecting him.

Rules Learned[]

  • How to Use: XI #3 – The time and conditions of death can be changed, but once the victim’s name has been written, the individual’s death can never be avoided.
  • How to Use: XII #1 – If you lose the Death Note or have it stolen, you will lose its ownership unless you retrieve it within 490 days.

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