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Decision is the fifth chapter of volume eleven and the ninety-third chapter of the Death Note manga series.



Near is now certain that Mikami is X-Kira. However, they need more evidence, and Near believes that they will have it if they catch Mikami talking to a Shinigami.

In the hotel room, Takada and Light talk about their "relationship". Takada reveals she had dinner with Misa, and she told her that they were engaged. In the notepad, though, Takada writes to Light, "What is Amane to you?" Light, annoyed at Misa for not keeping her mouth shut, writes back that she was nothing but the Second Kira to him, and she forced herself on him. Takada, however, was chosen by Light. Takada looks pleased, but she nevertheless writes back to Light asking if Misa knows too much. Light writes back answering that it would look suspicious if he killed Misa. Light passes her one more note, and upon reading it, Takada proclaims that they could be together if it wasn't for Kira. She exclaims that she will help in the capturing of Kira. As the investigation team listens in, he gives her instructions to make more aggressive calls to Kira so that Kira can communicate with her more directly. The investigation team, with the exception of Aizawa, believes that Light is a genius for turning Takada into an ally.

Meanwhile, Gevanni has been following Mikami around, but has not witnessed him talking to a Shinigami. Near concludes that if there is a Shinigami, then it should only be visible to Kira and Mikami. If this was the case, then how come Light doesn't use the Shinigami at headquarters to relay messages to Mikami? Could it be that the other members of the investigation can also see the Shinigami? Just then, Gevanni sends videotape footage of Mikami muttering to himself. Rester reads his lips and concludes that he says, "That Shinigami hasn't appeared since he gave me the notebook."


Tsugumi Ohba said that the chapter title "Decision" refers to Near's team deciding that Mikami is X-Kira after seeing him use a Death Note and talking about Shinigami. Ohba randomly added that also they decide that Light is very popular with women.

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