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This page contains the Users that have been granted special rights on the wiki.

Types of Rights

Admins: Being an Admin is a privilege, and Admins can be removed if they abuse their rights. Admins are considered trusted members of the wiki, and make good contributions and help other Users.

  • Sysops are able to block vandalizers, lock pages, move images, and delete files and pages.
  • Bureaucrats are able to do these tasks with the added privilege of being able to change user rights.
  • Rollback is a privilege that allows Users to "rollback" a bad edit. Rollback causes the page to revert to how it was before a bad edit was made.


Current Shinigami

This is a table of members currently with rights on the wiki.

Name Position Primary Role
KylaraE (active) Bureaucrat, Rollback Layout, templates, news
NightFalcon9004 (active) Bureaucrat, Rollback Quality control
Ever Ending (active) Content Moderator, Rollback Quality control
Munchvtec (active) Content Moderator, Rollback Quality control
Scheepybird (active) Rollback Quality control
Kira4real (semi-active) Bureaucrat, Rollback ...
MarleneZ. (inactive) Bureaucrat, Rollback ...

Former Shinigami

This is a table of members who formerly had rights on the wiki. These users became inactive for a very long time, and therefore their positions were retired. We thank them for their contributions.

Name Former Postition Extra Note
Dragonrider99 Bureaucrat, Sysop Founder and creator of the Wiki
Dreamanderson Bureaucrat, Sysop Took control of wiki after Dragonrider99 left
Mogturmen Sysop ...
Arceus The God of Pokemon Sysop ...
Dremler Bureaucrat, Sysop Took control of wiki after Dreamanderson left
DXM3557 Rollback ...
StillAlive Sysop, Rollback ...
The Maverick013 Sysop, Rollback ...
Lelouch Di Britannia Rollback ...