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This is a special note: The character template (commonly called an "information box", "character box", or "stat box") contains stats that are from Death Note 13: How to Read, and are not 'made up' by us. Please do not erase or attempt to change the stat numbers.

The template's "Also Known As" section is not, for example, for "Yagami" or "Light"; it is meant for significant names such as "Kira". Do not put "Yagami" in the "Also Known As" section, because Yagami is his actual name.

Welcome To Death Note Wiki

Light and L (blanc et noir)

This is a guide to how things work on the wiki, including general rules and things to know about how we operate here. Intimidating as this may sound, we aren't too strict. What we ask for most is that everyone (including us) shows respect to each other.

Respecting others and their opinions, as well as respecting characters, is the key to enjoying the company of other fans, both on and off the wiki. If there's a character that you dislike, please don't mess up their page or make snarky comments about them. Even if it's directed at a fictional character, rudeness is never cool.

With that said, let's get started.

The Basics

Basic Information
If you are new to Wikis, check out the tutorial.
Every wiki has two lists of articles that need help called "Stubs" and "Wanted Pages". Don't be shy, just get in there and write.
Uploading images is another really easy way to help out - see the Special:Upload page!
You can find a list of useful templates in Category:Templates, some of which are documented on the templates project page.
Check out the community portal to see what the community is working on, to give feedback, or just to stop in and say hello.

Wiki Behaviour

General Rules
Please do not vandalize pages.
We appreciate it if you do not upload innapropriate pictures or use inappropriate language.
We're pretty tolerant here, but dropping several "F-bombs" for no particular reason isn't necessary in order to make a point.
When leaving messages on talk pages be polite. And sign your post. This can be done by typing four tildes: this ~ is a tilde. Example: ~~~~ will turn into something like this: MarleneZ.Talk This is called your signature.
Please do not make pointless edits to earn achievement badges. Doing so will result in a warning and then a ban.

Creating and Editing Pages

Creating and Editing Pages (General):
Before you create a page, make sure that it doesn't already exist.
Check if there is a page about that thing/character under a different name or spelling (e.g. if you're going to make a "Halle Bullook" page, see if there's a "Halle Lidner" page first; if you’re going to make a "Ryuuk" page, see if there's a "Ryuk" page first).
When you are creating a page, please make sure you add content to it. A blank page doesn't help anyone or provide information, and a wiki is intended to be a source of information.
Everything and everyone should be in current tense, even if they're dead. This is known as literary present tense. For instance, "Lind L. Tailor was…" should be "Lind L. Tailor is…"
A very important note: Your opinion of the character should have no effect to your contributions on their page.
If you are in love with Light, don't put down that he's a wonderful, intelligent handsome guy. If you hate Near with the burning intensity of a thousand suns, don't go on about how he's a fake L, an @$$ and albino. As true or untrue as it may be, it is not the kind of attitude that should be on the wiki. Remember, show respect.
Creating Your Page
Please do not create a normal page about yourself. Users have a special type of page, which can be found here:

If you have questions...

If you have a question, please don't create a page about it.
Questions about how a character does something (e.g. how Light keeps his memory even when he gives Mikami ownership of his Death Note), speculation (e.g. theories about how something happens), or opinions of characters, episodes, movies, etc. should not be put on Main talk pages, but instead be posted as a blog entry, on another user's Message wall, in the wiki chat, or on the character's Talk page, a feauture of every article page.

Fanon and Canon

Basic Rules
Please note: you should not add speculation or theories popular in the fandom to the wiki (unless it's in a blog or on your page, where you are free to go crazy).
*Please do not create a page about anything—including characters—from a Death Note fanfiction or RP. If you wish to do so, then head over to the Death Note Fanon Wiki.
  • Don't create a page about a theory you have.
For instance, someone made a page about how they thought Mello and Matt faked their deaths. If you must share this, put it in a blog entry or on your profile. You can also head to our Myths page.
  • This is a big debate on this wiki, as well as many others, but we do not allow fan-pairings to be mentioned on pages.
Why do we not allow fanon?
Although fan theories are entertaining and interesting, they aren't the kind of info that should be present on an encyclopedic website such as Death Note Wiki. Theories have a bad habit of being considered facts, which in turn leads to incorrect assumptions and causes confusion on and off of the wiki. With a series like Death Note, spreading personal theories as facts can be very harmful to the enjoyment of viewers/readers in that they lose the chance to initially interpret the series in their own way. Remember: thinking that something happened or could have happened doesn't mean that it did. Alternatively, it doesn't necessarily mean that it couldn't have or didn't. Nevertheless, it's always nice to let people form their own opinions, rather than shove ours down their throats.
"Canon" is the name for accepted, proven facts relevant to a subject. In regards to Death Note and this wiki, canon is the material from the official manga, adaptations, and spin-offs. There are several separate canon continuities that we recognize.
  • "Manga canon," which consist of official material related directly to the manga series; this is the source of most information on this wiki, and the source used to write the characters' biographies, as well as the main plot section on their pages.
  • "Anime canon," which consist of official material related to the anime series; if a character does something different in the anime from what they did in the manga, it will be noted in the main plot article on their page.
  • "Film series canon," which consists of material related to the Japanese live-action film series; a character's role in the film series is noted in a specific paragraph on their page.
  • "Television drama canon," which consists of material related to the 2015 live-action television drama; a character's role in the drama is noted in a specific paragraph on their page.
  • "Musical canon," which consists of material related to the stage production Death Note: The Musical; a character's role in the musical is noted in a specific paragraph on their page.
  • "Netflix film canon" or "2017 film canon," which consists of material related to the 2017 live-action film; a character's role in the film is noted in a specific paragraph on their page.

For more information on what media belongs to each canon, see Guide to Canon.

Editing Character Pages

General Layout

Every character page has a specific layout. The one we use is:

  1. Appearance
  2. Character
  3. History
  4. Plot
  5. In other media
  6. Conception
  7. Trivia
  9. Themes


There are various versions of the "Shinigami" and "Human" templates based on what information is known about the character in question.

  • Human: for regular human characters whose stats were given in Death Note: How to Read 13.
  • Human2: for human characters whose stats are unknown
  • Human3: for human characters whose stats and voice actors are unknown/not applicable.
  • Human4: for human characters who appear in the movies only.
  • Shinigami: for Shinigami characters whose stats were given in Death Note 13: How to Read,
  • Shinigami2: for Shinigami characters whose stats are available, but voice actors are unknown/not applicable.
  • Shinigami3: for Shinigami characters whose stats and voice actors are unknown/not applicable.

Actors' Names

For any actors or voice actors, be sure to add a link to their Wikipedia page, if one exists. This can be done by putting down the following:

[[Wikipedia:PageNameGoesHere|Actor's name goes here]]


When putting down an actor's name for a dub in a language that does not use the Latin alphabet, do the following: put down their name in English. Then, in parentheses, put down the name in its native form (kanji, hangul, etc.; the surname goes first/last depending on what the culture generally does. For instance, Japanese would have family name, then given name, whereas English would have given name, then surname.) Finally, add a comma and the Romanized version of their name (romaji, Revised Romanization of Korean, etc.), with the order of their given and surname depending on what it would generally be in their culture. Examples: Light Yagami (夜神月,Yagami Raito); Yeong Seon Kim (김영선, Kim Yeong Seon).

There are two official Spanish dubs. When putting down a voice actor for the version made in Spain, put down "(Spain)" after the actor's name. For the voice actor from the Latin American version, "(Mexico)" goes after the actor's name. Be sure to put the Spanish voice actor first.

How to Help

If you're interested in helping contribute to the wiki but don't know what to do, read admin StillAlive's blog entry regarding things that can be done to help the wiki. Check it out often to see if any new tasks have been added.


  1. For the "True Name" section, leave it blank if the character's real name was revealed around the time of their debut (e.g. This section should be left blank for Soichiro Yagami, but should be filled in for Near).
  2. For the "organization" section, a character can belong to more than one organization, like Near being a member of both Wammy's House and the SPK. If they don’t belong to any of the organizations listed, leave their organization section blank. Know that "Media" refers to the people speaking on Kira’s behalf, like Demegawa and Takada. Don’t confuse "organization" with "occupation." For instance, Sayu’s organization would not be “College." Her organization would be kept blank.
  3. The character stats are official information. In Death Note 13: How to Read, character stats were provided. There were other books published, both for the anime (published by people who worked on it) and films (also published by people who worked on it). None of the info on stats should be erased; unless you have something proving that the information was supplied in any canon guide, it will not be accepted. The "Other Attribute" section refers to the unique attribute that isn’t the same for everyone. For instance, Light's is "acting skills," Misa's is "charm," and L's is "sweet tooth." So when putting down their skill number for that section, please specify the skill (Example: Acting Skills: 10/10).


The pages on this wiki are all categorized based on their content. This tree shows how all of the categories are organized.

  1. There are a few categories not listed here: Manga characters, Anime characters, Live action film Characters, Novel characters.

Only categories underlined in red should be used.