This wiki is about the popular manga and anime series Death Note. Here you can find information about the manga, anime, live action films, novels, and other media related to the series.


7 May 2011
Death Note Wiki has reached a remarkable milestone!
Thanks to renewed efforts and contributions, Death Note Wiki is over 200 pages strong!!
Let's journey forward and help to refine the plethora of data throughout the archive!!!
27 April, 2011
The Wiki is currently 3 years old! Lets keep the wiki prosperous for the years to come!
27 April, 2010
Today is our second Anniversary! Congrats to all who kept the Wiki going!
21 February, 2010
Death Note Wiki has accomplished yet another milestone!
There are now over 150 pages in total on Death Note Wiki!!
This is a great achievement, and I would like to give thanks to all the editors/contributors who have helped make this Wiki superb!
In the spirit of reaching 200 pages, continue helping the Wiki thrive and prosper well into the future! Thank you so much, everyone!!
27 April, 2009
This is Death Note Wiki's first anniversary! Congratulations to everyone!
21 February, 2009
Death Note Wiki has reached the milestone of 100 pages! Many thanks in appreciation to all the contributors for their continuous help with the site! Let's keep it going upward to 150 pages and beyond!
22 September, 2008
A few problems have been fixed, the 85-article mark has been reached, everyone keep going so we can expand this great wiki to 100 pages!
02 June, 2008
We have added new content on the Main Page, and have recently passed the 50-article mark. Lets keep it up!
27 April, 2008
Welcome to the new main page of the Death Note Wiki!


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