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Death Note VR Escape Game (Death Note VR脱出ゲーム, Death Note VR Dasshutsu Game) is a virtual reality game based on the Death Note series. The player acts as Misa Amane, who works with Rem to escape a flooding basement.

Game premise[]

Official description:[1]

Enter the thrilling world of Death Note with the Death Note VR Escape Game! In this game, you take up the role of Misa Amane, who has been imprisoned in a creepy basement.
What’s more, the basement is quickly filling up with water! Will you be able to escape on time, or will you face a bad ending?

The game is about four minutes long.[2] The success rate of players escaping is about 80%.[3]


VR Escape Game Rem

The game was first created in Japanese. It was exhibited at Jump Festa on December 19th and 20th, 2015 where attendees could play. The wait times were more than an hour long.[4][5][3] It has since been available to play at other locations in Japan for limited periods.[6][7][8]

The game was featured at two events in July 2017 where it was available to attendees to play in English.[9] The first exhibit was at Anime Expo as part of their Japan Character VR Matsuri event, located in Los Angeles, California, July 1st-4th.[10] The second was the Hyper Japan Festival, located in London, UK, July 14th-16th.[1][11] The game featured alongside other Japanese virtual reality games including One Piece Cube, JUMP Cube, JUMP Art Gallery, and Hop Step Sing![12]

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