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Death Note Tribute is an official tribute album dedicated to the 2006 live-action Death Note film. It contains 15 tracks performed by various artists, such as Shikao Suga (feat. Amazons), M-Flo, Buck-Tick, and Aya Matsuura.

The soundtrack came with a cosplay Death Note notebook.

Track listing[]

Track Original title Translation (Romaji) Performer Length
1 秘密結社 Secret Society (Himitsu Kessha) Shikao Suga feat. Amazons 5:18
2 37.0℃ - Hitomi Yaida 4:55
3 Hands - M-Flo 5:10
4 REAL DAYS - MCU 4:12
5 STRAIGHT TO HELL - Char 5:07
6 DIABOLO ~Lucifer~ - Buck-Tick 3:50
7 アヴァンギャルド Avant Garde (Avangyarudo) Coil feat. Kyōko (杏子) 4:13
8 暗闇のナビゲイラ Navigator of Darkness (Kurayami no Nabigeira) Kreva 3:36
9 VENDETTA CODE - Aggressive Dogs / Death Note Allstars "D-Crew" 5:57
10 Pursuit - Aggressive Dogs / Death Note Allstars "N-Crew" 3:56
11 GARDEN - Kirito 4:21
12 L↔R - Dēmon Kogure Kakka 5:47
13 我ら五人の侍なり ~We are five samurai~ (Warera Gonin no Samurai Nari ~We are five samurai~) PE'Z 4:55
14 オヤスミナサイ Good Night (Oyasuminasai) Kinmokusei 6:05
15 私のすごい方法 My Wonderful Method (Watashi no Sugoi Houhou) Aya Matsuura 4:11

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  • The tribute album was released a few days after Sound of Death Note, the OST for the first film.
  • Shikao Suga, who performs the first track "Secret Society," also performed the film's insert song "Manatsu no Yoru no Yume." A version of "Secret Society" was released on the single with the insert song.