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Death Note Shueisha Jump Remix is a re-release of the Death Note manga series in a five-volume set. The original twelve volumes were published by Shueisha under their Jump Comics imprint, while these volumes are under their Shueisha Jump Remix imprint. These editions were only released in Japanese.

The Death Note Shueisha Jump Remix editions were released from December 2013 to February 2014 in celebration of the Death Note series' 10-year anniversary. For the same anniversary, Shueisha also released the seven-volume Death Note Bunko edition.

Shueisha Jump Remix (集英社ジャンプリミックス Shueisha Janpu Rimikkusu, SJR) is one of Shueisha's imprints for their "convenience store comics", which are manga republished at a low price, with more pages than a typical tankōbon manga volume, with cheaper binding and paper, and sold mainly in convenience stores. Unlike typical manga volumes which are placed among books, convenience store manga is typically placed in magazine racks.[1]

List of volumes[]

# Translated title Original Japanese title Pages Date ISBN-13 Notes
1 Death Note 1 Light Yagami vs L 1 The Birth of Kira デスノート 1 夜神月VS.L 1 キラ誕生 436 Dec 6, 2013 978-4-08-113339-0
2 Death Note 2 Light Yagami vs L 2 The Second Kira デスノート 2 夜神月VS.L 2 第二のキラ 404 Dec 20, 2013 978-4-08-113340-6
3 Death Note 3 Light Yagami vs L 3 The Yotsuba Kira デスノート 3 夜神月VS.L 3 ヨツバキラ 532 Jan 10, 2014 978-4-08-113346-8
4 Death Note 4 L's Will デスノート 4 Lの意思 548 Jan 24, 2014 978-4-08-113347-5
5 Death Note 5 The Final Judgment デスノート 5 最後の審判 500 Feb 7, 2014 978-4-08-113348-2


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