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The Death Note Original Soundtrack III is the third soundtrack for the Death Note anime series. It was composed by Hideki Taniuchi and Yoshihisa Hirano, and it was first released on June 27, 2007 in Japan.

The soundtrack features a track sung by Aya Hirano, performing "Misa's Song" as Misa Amane. It also contains the ending theme "Coda~Death Note," featured at the end of the final episode of the anime.

Track listing[]

  1. "Death Image"
  2. "L"
  3. "L's Past" (Lの過去, L no Kako)
  4. "Near's Theme" (ニアのテーマ, Nia no Tēma)
  5. "Mello" (メロ, Mero)
  6. "Mello 2" (メロ2, Mero 2)
  7. "Action"
  8. "L's Ideology" (Lの思想, L no Shisō)
  9. "Mello's Theme" (メロのテーマ, Mero no Tēma)
  10. "Confrontation" (対峙, Taiji)
  11. "Near" (ニア, Nia)
  12. "Misa" (ミサ, Misa)
  13. "Misa's Video" (ミサのビデオ, Misa no Bideo)
  14. "Misa's Loneliness" (ミサの孤独, Misa no Kodoku)
  15. "Light's Return" (戻ったライト, Modotta Raito)
  16. "Suspicion" (疑心, Gishin)
  17. "Tactics" (細工, Saiku)
  18. "Near 2" (ニア2, Nia 2)
  19. "Light's Performance" (ライトの演技, Raito no Engi)
  20. "Misa's Feelings" (ミサの気持ち, Misa no Kimochi)
  21. "The Death of a Father" (父の死, Chichi no Shi)
  22. "Misa's Song" (Orchestra Version) (Misa no Uta (orchestra version))
  23. "Mikami Concertino"
  24. "Trifling Stuff"
  25. "Toward the Climax"
  26. "Misa's Song (Piano Solo)" (Misa no Uta (piano solo))
  27. "Misa's Song" (Misa no Uta) (featuring Aya Hirano)
  28. "Coda~Death Note"