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The Death Note Original Soundtrack II is the second soundtrack for the Death Note anime series. It was composed by Hideki Taniuchi and Yoshihisa Hirano, and it was first released on March 21, 2007 in Japan.

The soundtrack features the new opening and closing themes by Maximum the Hormone.

Note that, while track 19 has the same title as track 14 on the first OST, they are two different songs. Strangely, track 5 is identical to the first OST's track 28, although they have different titles.

Track listing[]

  1. "Kyrie II"
  2. "Semblance of Dualism"
  3. "Low of Solipsism II"
  4. "Death Note Theme (instrumental)"
  5. "Tactics of the Absolute"
  6. "Kyrie For Orchestra"
  7. "Air"
  8. "Light Lights up Light for piano"
  9. "Black Light" (黒いライト Kuroi Raito)
  10. "L's Wall" (Lの壁 Eru no Kabe)
  11. "Pulse" (鼓動 Kodō)
  12. "Anxiety" (不安 Fuan)
  13. "Anxious Feelings" (緊張感 Kinchō Kan)
  14. "Higuchi" (火口 Higuchi)
  15. "Horror B" (戦慄B Senritsu B)
  16. "The Yotsuba Murder Conference Room" (ヨツバ殺しの会議室 Yotsuba Koroshi no Kaigishitsu)
  17. "Hatred" (怒り Ikari)
  18. "Shinigami World B" (死神界B Shinigamikai B)
  19. "L's Companions" (Lの仲間 Eru no Nakama)
  20. "Misa's Theme A" (ミサのテーマA Misa no Tēma A)
  21. "Misa's Theme B" (ミサのテーマB Misa no Tēma B)
  22. "Intro" (イントロ Intoro)
  23. "Sakura TV" (サクラTV Sakura TV)
  24. "Reasoning" (推理 Suiri)
  25. "Suspicious" (怪しげ Ayashige)
  26. "The Yotsuba Group" (ヨツバグループ Yotsuba Gurūpu)
  27. "Secret" (秘密 Himitsu)
  28. "Clock Ticking" (時計の針の音 Tokei no Hari no Oto)
  29. "What's up, people?! (TV Size)" / Maximum the Hormone
  30. "Zetsubō Billy (TV Size)" (絶望ビリー~TVサイズ~ Zetsubō Birii ~Terebi Saizu~, lit."Despair Billy" ~TV Size~") / Maximum the Hormone